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New comics 3/31 (with a short appreciation of the 1992 Paul Ollswang/Taft Chatham/James Carpenter comic Doofer: Pathway to McEarth)

Movie reviews (I cover Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer)


My last week or so.

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Thoughts on thought balloons - the comments are especially good on this one, and be sure to check out additional responses by Heidi MacDonald, Scott McCloud, Barry Deutsch and Jeet Heer

Weekly movies - concerning the 2009 picture Pirate Radio

Graphic Novels: About Women. By Women. - a (very) short thing on the Carol Swain collection Crossing the Empty Quarter and Other Stories, among picks by Katherine Dacey, Noah Berlatsky, David Welsh, Matthew J. Brady and others


And, for a little pertinent news:

Humanoids to return to North American publishing - this June's debut offerings will be the final volume of The Metabarons (in the DC/Humanoids format!) and the start of a new six-issue comic book release for Bouncer (starting with the third French album, where DC/Humanoids left off), along with the first of four more issues of Lucha Libre (formerly Image/Humanoids, now retitled The Unfabulous Five) and the first among six issues of Whispers in the Walls (Le manoir des murmures), an ongoing series (a third French album is due in June) by filmmaker David Muñoz and artists Tirso Cons & Javi Montez



New comics at Comics Comics.

New cinema at the Factual Opinion. (by which I mean Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic)


My Life is Choked with Comics - Archives

This is an ongoing column at The Savage Critics. It began as a weekly feature in which I would chit-chat about whatever miscellaneous comics I was reading at the time, and then transformed into an irregular, image-heavy series of long, structurally diverse essays about whatever miscellaneous comics I was reading at the time. Thanks to Brian Hibbs for inviting and indulging me.


#1 - Rogan Gosh by Brendan McCarthy & Peter Milligan (7/18/07)

#2 - Wish You Were Here #1-2 by Gipi (7/25/07)

#3 - Marshal Law: Fear and Loathing by Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill (8/1/07)

#4 - The Naked Cosmos dir. by Gilbert Hernandez (8/8/07)

#5 - Valérian: Spatio-Temporal Agent by Pierre Christin & Jean-Claude Mézières (8/15/07)

#6 - Soldier X #1-8 by Darko Macan & Igor Kordey (8/23/07)

#7 - Taboo 2 ed. by Stephen R. Bissette (8/30/07)

#8 - Batman: The Cult by Jim Starlin & Berni Wrightson (9/7/07)

#9 - Kill Your Boyfriend (and) Girl by Grant Morrison & Philip Bond (and) Peter Milligan & Duncan Fegredo (9/14/07)

#10 - Starstruck by Elaine Lee & Michael Wm. Kaluta (9/27/07)

#11 - Tekkonkinkreet by Taiyō Matsumoto (10/9/07)

#12 - Judex dir. by Louis Feuillade (10/29/07)

#13 - Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka (11/23/07)

#14 - Jademan Comics founded by Tony Wong (11/29/07)

#15 - Little Sammy Sneeze: The Complete Color Sunday Comics 1904-1905 by Winsor McCay (12/28/07)

#16 - Panorama of Hell by Hideshi Hino (2/25/08)

#17 - The Horrorist by Jamie Delano & David Lloyd (6/23/08)

#18 - King Smurf by Peyo & Yvan Delporte (3/19/09)

#19 - Manga (pt. 1) (pt. 2) ed. by Masaichi Mukaide (9/21/09, 11/30/09)

#20 - Captain Hadacol #2 by unknown (2/1/10)



This was a short-lived attempt at reviving the 'old,' loose-fitting style of My Life is Choked..., but focused on forgotten English translation of foreign comics, with a heavy emphasis on images. The intent was to get a weekly or biweekly column up and running again, but I didn't keep it up very long. Maybe I'll go back eventually. If so, I'll be sure to update the short list below.

#1 - Perramus: Escape From the Past #1-2 by Alberto Breccia & Juan Sasturain (5/27/09)

#2 - Ashen Victor by Yukito Kishiro (6/1/09)

#3 - Conquering Armies by Jean-Claude Gal & Jean-Pierre Dionnet (7/6/09)


Ah, relaxing weekly link post, I love you.

This week's new comics at Comics Comics.

And two movie reviews at The Factual Opinion, including Avatar (on which I don't go into much detail) and Peter Greenaway's 1993 provocation The Baby of Mâcon (on which I linger a bit more)



But it's... oh my god, WHAT THE FUCK?

Yes, it's true! After over half a decade in the bosom of my Blogspot account, the weekly comics roundup now has a brand new home at Comics Comics. That'll be the place to go from now on, or at least until the public outcry becomes too much to bear.

This naturally raises a tiny lil' question - what the hell is the purpose of this site? There's a highly convincing answer to that which, unfortunately, I haven't found quite yet, but at the very least I'll be doing weekly link posts to keep all of my writing straight. For example:



Shutter Island & My Name is Khan (two new feature films, reviewed by me in Tucker Stone's new weekly movie log column thing, Too Many Movies Tuesdays, to which I will contribute every week)


So there! Very useful, right?! Maybe now would be a good time to trawl the archives... but thank you for reading. There's a lot more reading coming up.