Désastre Hurlant - Intégrale


Being an 18-part series of posts composed by Tucker Stone and myself in April and May of 2009, concerning each and every bookshelf-targeted book released via the DC Comics/Humanoids Publishing alliance, 2004-05, as well as other relevant topics of purported interest.

We did it because we felt like it.


T1: Better Living (introductions, Miss: Better Living Through Crime)

T2: Necrophilia & Blood On The Kronstadt Ice (Fragile, The Horde)

T3: I've Seen This Movie Before & Why You Should Never Try To Make God "Hardcore" (Sanctum, Transgenesis 2025)

T4: Is Man Good? (re-coloring The Incal)

T5: Like No Messing Around, This Guy Really Wants To Sleep With His Mom (Son of the Gun)

T6: La Constellation (The Incal)

T7: Open Hand, Closed Fist (The White Lama)

T8: We All Stand In The Shadow Of The Beltran (The Technopriests)

T9: The Good, the Bad and the Temporarily Resurrected (Bouncer, Métal Hurlant, Megalex)

T10: Psychomagic (The Metabarons)

T11: And In This Corner, The Bilal Rising (Memories)

T12: We Will Find You, And We Will Take You Into The Woods, And We Will Kill You (The Chaos Effect)

T13: I'm Makin' Devils Cower To The Caucus Mountains (The Nikopol Trilogy)

T14: Earthraiser & the God of Forgotten Triumph (Townscapes, The Beast Trilogy)

T15: I Would Love A Spot Of Tea! Place It By My Possible Sexism, Won't You? (Different Ugliness, Different Madness)

T16: What Did You Expect? (Transgenesis 2029, El Niño, Thousand Faces, Deicide, The Fourth Power, The Hollow Grounds)

T17: And We Will See You Here No Longer (Olympus)

T18: À Suivre (Chaland Anthology, By the Numbers, conclusions, apologies, exeunt)

Appx.A: Master List of Titles (everything Humanoids, in the best chronological order possible)