Sunday Drive

*Very large sale over at Top Shelf. There's a $30 minimum order to activate the discounts, but there's an awful lot of great stuff to choose from; you can really stock up on those "Sketchbook Diaries" and "SPX" volumes that you've been missing, and of course you need Eddie Campbell's "Egomania". One dollar books, three dollar books, and discounts on other fine volumes. Go look.

*Technical issues have limited my time yet again; I'm not at my usual computer, and this one's giving me a lot of problems. I think I'll be able to pick up the pace pretty soon though. I've got some nice stuff lined up for tomorrow at least.

*I did finally get around to buying new comics for the week, although all I picked up was "The Intimates" (I think the new Journal special got pushed back to next week, and nobody stocked the new "Angry Youth Comix". It was pretty decent, actually one of the stronger issues of the series. Giuseppe Camuncoli manages some nice work with the new undead character, with some cool Mignola-type silhouette work. Jim Lee shows up to draw one panel, which I guess is better than his co-artist work on the cover to justify his second-billing in the cover credits. The 'story' still isn't much (not that it really needs to be), but the environment is beginning to cohere a lot better, and (as expected) some of the characters are becoming more invested in how they treat others, etc. etc. The ultra-shrill abstinence (er, sex-ed) teacher got a little too shticky for my tastes, but I'm kinda growing to like the speedster guidance counselor. And hey - bonus: writer Joe Casey is finally getting the hang of the 'beat' of shitty Internet communication (and the unwavering zero in that poor HiveJournalist's comments section was an excellent touch. A pretty decent issue overall.