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I just saw the trailer for "Finding Neverland" again the other day and good god that looks like the polar opposite of anything I'd ever want to pay money to watch. But it's a Best Picture nominee so somebody connected to the production or who owes a producer a favor or something is gonna climb up on that stage and introduce the montage that they dedicate to every Best Picture nominee and talk about how it's "an inspiring story of a man who taught us all about the power of imagination" or something and everyone's gonna politely clap and really that's the tone of the whole thing: gritting your teeth and smiling for everything and celebrating every fine nominee. Material beyond that can't help but fall flat in such an atmosphere, an atmosphere nobody wants to spoil. I'll sure savor Chris Rock's cracks at "The Passion of the Christ" and Michael Moore, quick and acceptably 'edgy' as I'm sure they're allowed to be...