World Without New Comics - Day 2: The Noose Tightens

*I have no idea what today's post has to do with a hanging, but 'The Noose Tightens' seems like a good all-purpose title. If they'd used titles like that in educational children's programming, I'd have learned to count properly and I'd know how to manage my finances today. "Maya the Bee" - The Noose Tightens. Now that's some good viewing. Did they even teach counting on that show? Did they teach anything? I don't think so. That was among the decadent ones.

*Yeah, total honesty: I've been up since well before dawn, and I still have stuff to do in about a half hour, so we're gonna have to keep it quick here. Luckily, I don't have any new books to review, since I've also had no time to go out and see if the delivery folk ever got around to stocking up my main shop. Judging from Mike's heroic efforts in reviewing every single new comic that shipped to his store yesterday, it looks like I could have encountered far worse weeks for the new books to go missing.

*I will, however, have a nice advance review of an upcoming book ready to go tomorrow. Aside from that, I'm reading through "The Complete Concrete" which, contrary to the 'Complete' in the title, is but one of seven "Concrete" collections, three of which appear to be out-of-print (that's "Fragile Creature", which I already have, "Strange Armor", the revised origin, and "Concrete: Complete Short Stories 1990-1995", which some sites don't even bother to list, even to mention that it's unavailable), just in time for new readers intrigued by the current "Concrete: The Human Dilemma" to taste some fresh frustration. Anyway, big thanks to this site, which helped me sort out exactly what is collected or reprinted where in the "Concrete" canon, given the many and varied short stories and one-shots and reprints and whatnot.