Oh My!

*Yes! I remembered LAST WEEK’S REVIEWS!

Solo #3 (Paul Pope releases a comic and proves once again Why We Wait. Really fine stuff here)

Untitled #1 (all-new Kevin Huizenga mini, these days meaning another look into low-tech thoughts and process, rather than comics storytelling - still, fans like me enjoy it)

Seven Soldiers #0

A gold star for me.

*Well, I half-watched the Oscars last night, and it was about what I expected. I’m pleased that the show’s organizers have dropped the ridiculous idea that anyone cares about anybody who makes these films beyond the most glamorous and visible parties; some of the lesser folk were lined up onstage, and some of the really useless awards were handed out at the nominees’ seats. Live action short subjects? Ok folks, you mean nothing, your films mean nothing, your dreams are tiny, your art is insignificant, if you’re not working on big and/or (preferably ‘and’) visible films you’re not really doing anything but existing, and that’s nothing. Sit down, take your trophy. You a Best Song nominee? Sit the fuck down, asshole. We’ll get Beyonce to sing your little tune; if you were worth shit you’d be Beyonce, but you’re not. Thank the good lord above that Oscar has finally shown these uppity shits their place, they’re almost as bad as independent comics publishers.

Maybe all of the non-stars can sit in a bus or something next year circling the theatre on the highway! Then nobody would have to breathe their air. That would work great!

*Yeah. This is already too much here. Why the hell would anyone expect anything more from the Oscars? It’s a glamour train, it’s always been, and now it’s a bit more honest about it; I shouldn‘t be making tongue-in-cheek comments, I should applaud. I guess it was sort of funny when Chris Rock made a joke on the topic, but not really; it just gives everyone an opportunity to giggle about themselves for two seconds and then the show grinds on.

*Anyhow, most of it was pretty stupid, but the whole Antonio Banderas/Carlos Santana team-up was stupid enough to be kind of neat instead of just sitting there, like most everything else.

*The funniest bit was when after Chris Rock made a joke about Jeremy Irons being a comedian (because he plays serious characters, rotfl) Irons proceeded to deliver the funniest line of the night in response to some technical gaffe. I also liked the fellow pretending to sleep in his seat during one of The Awards the Telecast Doesn’t Care About… at least he’s adopting the right attitude in the face of it all.

*Chris Rock was decent; he was better reacting to stuff in the show itself than with his stand-up or skits. Johnny Carson from beyond the grave was a lot better overall (ok, in fairness, they got to cherry-pick from the best of several performances there).

*I have no idea why mean old bullies like Trey Parker and Matt Stone like to antagonize you, Sean Penn, I just can’t understand it.

*The dude who sang his acceptance speech was the coolest man in town. Even cooler than Prince, although I wish I could make pink slacks work that well.

*I was sort of hoping that Michel Gondry would get in a few words at the podium; he’s credited with ‘story’ on the “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” script and he got a trophy, but I guess it’s Kaufman’s ‘moment’.

*Oh Marty, don’t you see it’s better to not care about this club? You’re secure in your accomplishments! You don’t need any of this, not these days! Let it go, champ, you‘re in good company in line outside the club.

*Actually, I should let this go too. Good work to Abhay and Tom the Dog though, for some funny stuff. Why do I watch this show again? For funny comments from other people.

*Er, comics? Let’s just say that you should go look at some minicomics from Ted May because they’re good, funny stuff. Buy his things. More on that a little later.