Tired Day.

*New comics are out tomorrow, so the comics world rests today. You’ve heard about the contest over at Johanna‘s, right? Free "Fallen Angel" stuff? Ok, good.

*Well, I think I’ll spice things up with an extra-zesty edition of


I’m delivering to a hotel. Some of those places will have you wait at the front desk while they ring the guests to come get their food, but not this place. I know the layout pretty well, so I don’t even stop in at the front desk; I go around the side and in the back door and up the steps to the room.

I knock.

A middle-aged man answers the door in his underwear. A woman of equal age is reclining on the bed, also in her underwear. The man says:

Do you like Animaniacs?

I pause.

I glance further into the room and I realize that they’re watching that very show on television. In their underwear.

Oh… yes,” I reply.

I breathe a sigh of relief as I collect the money. I get a tip, and I walked away.

I have to confess, for a split second there I was sure that 'Animaniacs' had become some sort of bizarre sexual invitation.

But what can ‘Animaniacs’ refer to?

What sort of illicit act can logically spring from that particular show? It must involve three people. It must be ’animated’ I suppose. Does it involve anvils? Do they chase each other around? What?

It occupied my mind for the rest of the day.

Really, I’ve come to believe that was the goal of that couple. Just making me think about that show in a filthy way. That was pleasure enough for them.