Buckle Up.

*Wow! There’s so many hot new titles coming out this week that I’d better get started asap. Wait. Did I just call myself a sap? But I am a sap for all of these rocking new comics, so it was an accurate statement!


Street Angel #3: Apparently, this issue is a bit different from the last two, which is fine. I’ll just have to see how it’s executed, and hopefully it won’t get as overripe as the most recent issue of “The Goon”, which was also a more ‘serious’ departure for a generally humorous book, admittedly not its first departure, but its longest one, and not a very successful one at that. “Street Angel” has not let me down yet, so I’m anxious to see how it handles this little shift. And that cover’s a beaut!


That’s all.

Really. That’s all that’s coming out that I’m immediately interested in. “Persepolis 2” does not appear to be on Diamond’s list for this week, although various sites still seem to think it’s out tomorrow. Maybe it’s just not out from Diamond. I’m still not seeing “Following Cerebus” either. A bunch of new X-Solo books. A lot of titles I don’t follow. I guess I’ll hunt around for stuff I missed, like recent “Excel Saga“ volumes or maybe get some trade I‘m missing.

Or maybe I’ll just save my money.


Ooooooh, a dvd of 70 Troma trailers! Maybe I’ll get that

*Speaking of which, my local Best Buy is opening up at 7:00 in the morning tomorrow to accommodate the crowds who’ll be clamoring for “The Passion of the Christ” on dvd. Ah, my memories of that film! The grinning devil baby. The cgi monster jumping out and going “RAAR!” in the garden. The evil monster children chasing Judas all around. The 103,648 instances of slow-motion and exotic chants deployed to whip up instant drama. The bird puppet (having possibly escaped from the set of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” via time machine) swooping down to eat the bad thief’s eyes. The defeat of evil’s wicked grasp as signified by Satan’s wig falling off. Jesus inventing the modern table.

Golly. Who wouldn’t want such wonderful reminisce converted to digital format and enshrined in their very own home, at the highest bit rate possible? But no extras, you scamps! You’ll have to go back to Blue Underground for extended documentaries on gore effects; nothing here.

*Ha ha. I love how blo.gs says 'Congratulations' whenever you ping it. It's like I win a toy every time.