Another Big Day...

*I have been captured by the sleepy demons, and they’ve shot my veins all up with sleep. I managed to find those issues of “Deep Sleeper” (haw) and some other neato stuff but it’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

*In the meantime, here’s a bedtime story:

I was in the shop, looking around to see if “Finding Cerebus” was around (I couldn’t find it anywhere). A girl was standing next to me, flipping through a “Witchblade” trade. She suddenly spoke aloud:

How the hell do they get away with this?!

I looked to see if she was talking to me, but she just tossed the book back on the shelf and walked away. I’m not sure if she was referring to the quality of the story or art or simply the ‘feel’ the book gave off. I can’t exactly remember which volume it was either; it was the one with the lady on the cover and her butt is mostly naked and she has big breasts. Does that help?

*While we’re on the topic, the only copy of “Worldwatch” I could find was kept behind the counter, so I couldn’t be seduced into peeking inside. I feel good about that. I know I’d never buy it; my cut-off price for mockery purchases is one quarter.

*From the It’ll Be A Long Wait Dept: Issue #2 of “We3” is not due out until the week of Halloween. Gah.

*The new Entertainment Weekly came out today; they gave Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis 2” an ’A’ grade. I think the book is due out really soon, like possibly next week. I’ll probably be checking it out; the first volume was interesting, at least story-wise. The cartooning wasn’t exactly earth-shattering, but Satrapi managed a few nice compositions (particularly a page that contrasts Satrapi attending her first party with images of other children exploding on the battlefield, with the flailing limbs of kids being kids mirroring the corpses of kids pressed into battle). Her style has been compared quite a lot to David B. whose own “Epileptic” is soon to be collected in one volume (also from Pantheon, who put out both of Satrapi’s books).

*Ok. Hail comics. Later!