Let's Talk.

Let’s Talk About Me:

*But be quiet! The neighbors are listening! Well, not really, but apparently they can hear me tromping around my apartment at 4:00 AM in the morning when I can’t sleep, and they decided to gently inform me earlier today. Man, you’d swear they had to get up at 6:30 or something. Well, ok, they do. But so do I! And I’m up! Having fun! Pacing and jack hammering and pogo-sticking and recording my latest album and conversing with the ghost of Lyonel Feininger (loud fellow) and rehearsing my Blogger of the Year 2004 acceptance speech and dramatizing my favorite “Krazy Kat” strips with authentic bricks and accurate dialects and lighting off quarter sticks! Well now it’s the fucking Diary of Anne Frank in here. What’ll I do with all these air-horns?

No. I love my neighbors. I will be nice. I will not walk around too much when I can’t sleep.

Ok Then, Let’s Talk About Other Bloggers:

*Gah! Tim O’Neil has been bedazzled by Jae Lee! Everyone must beware! Mr. Lee practices powerful magics, or maybe majiks, or even majics, or possibly the dreaded - MAGJICKSSS! Behold his power! I haven’t read “Manhunter” myself, but the mere mention of it gives me yet another opportunity to pull this one out; is Mr. Lee perhaps reading an element of satire into the material, or is it already there?

*Marc Singer dissects Peter Bagge’s recent fine-art themed strip for Reason and finds a lot of stuff beneath its skin. Quite an interesting critique; well worth your time.

*Mike Sterling has discovered The Truth. The lies have no power anymore. We are free.

That Said, Let’s Talk About THIS WEEK’S UPCOMING COMICS:

Promethea #31 (of 32): This is the one where the world ends. It’s not the last issue though. I’m hoping the last issue will be nothing but blank pages. That would be too rad. Anyway, I’ve been onboard the Big Alan Moore Thematic Career Retrospective/Reexamination the whole way so far, and I’m really looking forward to the rest. I seriously anticipating this one hard.

We3 #1 (of 3): In which Morrison and Quitely bring us the amazing adventures of cuddly pets turned into weapons of mass-destruction. I’m frothing at the mouth for this one too (you all remember how much I loved “Seaguy”, right?), which instantly makes this one of the stronger weeks for comics in recent memory. Two books I’m probably gonna read in the parking lot? Good fucking week.

X-Statix #26: I dropped this one quite a while back. Right before the Princess Di apocalypse roll-back. I heard it got better in the last arc, and now it’s over. Advance word indicates that it’s a mighty bitter farewell too. I really liked it back when it was the new “X-Force”. It lost momentum after a while, almost right as the title changed. I had been considering dropping it even before the whole Thing. Well, it had some great stories. It was the only X-Title I bought for a while (I waited for the hardcovers with Morrison’s stuff). It’s probably overdue for shutdown now, but it did some great stuff in its day. I’m probably not getting this final issue, but maybe the old dropped book sentimentality will get the better of me.

Excel Saga Vol. 8: Hmm. I didn’t mean to drop this one, I just never had the spare $10 to spend on it, and it was never that high on my list of stuff. The last volume I got was #5. It’s a pretty cool book, funny in a spastic way, but far more subdued than the anime version (which often diverges wildly, and sports a far more satiric sense of humor). Koshi Rikdo’s art gets jumbly at times, but it’s generally attractive. It’s a nice, spirited book, vaguely about the exploits of (the only) two bumbling agents of a low-rent world-domination outfit. It meanders a lot, but that’s part of the point. I’d recommend trying it; I just haven’t had enough cash to spare on it recently.

Ojo #1 (of 5): Written and drawn by Sam Kieth, with art assist by Alex Pardee. Kieth in b&w is tempting, and even “Scratch” roped me in for at least issue #1. I know it’ll look nice. But Kieth’s scripts have left a lot to be desired on a number of occasions. This one deals with a little girl and a mysterious beast pet and family strife, so we’re on familiar ground. We’ll see…

Popbot #6: The latest in Ashley Wood’s extra-obscure solo series. So get ready for lots of full-page splashes and eccentric action. I find it all sort of compelling.