*OH MY GOSH I know you’ve all been glued to your seats with each of my spellbinding updates to The Case of the Spoiler-Filled “Concrete: The Human Dilemma” Solicitation, but some white-hot new evidence has surfaced, and I would be remiss to deny the Internet such provocative information. First of all, Lizzybeth confirmed on her site that the same spoiler-filled text (for those coming in late, the solicitation info as seen on Dark Horse’s site as to the sixth and final issue of the most recent “Concrete” miniseries blows a whole stack of plot twists) is present in Previews, so watch out for the “Concrete” listing in there.

But it may all be an academic concern for some: just this very morning, I ran across issue #221 of “The Comics Journal” from March of 2000, with a Paul Chadwick interview, and I even got it at a discounted price. Very cool. So I open it up, flip through it, liking what I see, and I get to the ‘future projects’ section, and Chadwick’s talking about “The Human Dilemma” (which had been all planned out but wouldn’t see release for half a decade), and guess what happens? Chadwick blows the big plot twist himself! Right in the interview! So now I’m thinking, “Man, I guess if you’re a really crazy devout Chadwick fan, you already know about some of this upcoming stuff since the creator himself is blabbing all of this to interviewers, so maybe nobody thought that much secrecy mattered in soliciting upcoming issues. Unless the fans forgot in the ensuing 5 years.”

So yeah, “Concrete” fans, if you were reading “The Comics Journal” in 2000, I guess you know some of the stuff that Previews and Dark Horse is giving away already. Funny how these things work out. If you can, you should search out that issue of the Journal; lots of neat tidbits, like the fact that Peter Jackson did a draft of the screenplay for the never-produced “Concrete” movie right before “Lord of the Rings”...

*Hey! How about a meme? I can do those right proper!


1. Upon receiving Weird Al Yankovic’s autograph, I told him “Now I can die at peace.” His response? “You better get on that, then.”

Yeah, Weird Al told me to die.

And he said it so sunnily too! He’s a cool guy.

2. I was once involved in an honest-to-god high-speed chase, through the industrial sector of town, delivering pizza, pursued by a bunch of kids (well, I was a kid at the time too) that I had unknowingly run off the road earlier. We were passing one another on a two-lane, two-way road, they were screaming out the window at me, and I managed to escape by suddenly swerving my car into a turn at the last second, which they then whizzed right by, just like in the movies and cartoons. I then quickly turned into the parking lot of a factory, where I was sure they wouldn’t find me (they didn’t). I was literally shaking with adrenaline afterwards. I could have punched through a wall.

3. Since we’re on the topic of things that actually don’t merely happen in movies, I’ve also had a gun pointed at my face by the boyfriend of the mother of a girl I fancied in high school. He actually rather liked me; it was all a silly mix-up, albeit a silly mix-up involving firearms.

4. When I was little, I appeared in a local television commercial for a toy invented by my neighbors from across the street. I have no idea how well the toy did, but I think my family still has one hidden somewhere.

5. On that note, I was the star of my high school play, having worked in some form of the theater throughout most of my educational life up until then. Afterwards, I never acted again.

6. I worked at a local newspaper for a while, mostly covering politics, and whatever else came up. At one point, I covered a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a park. You can get a lot of material out of scissors slicing through fabric.

7. Once, I was at a Paul Simon concert. A friend asked me what I thought. I informed him that Mr. Simon looked like he’d spent the prior evening sleeping on a park bench. My friend was also a writer. My quote was then put into a story and transmitted to a readership of 10,000.

8. I spent most of college doing Policy Debate, won a small award or two; a very curious sport indeed.

9. Due to the travel schedules involved therein, I was in Washington DC during the anthrax concern, AND I was in the area of the Beltway Sniper killings during those particular days. Debate Club - World of Danger.

10. I was sitting on the floor of the State Senate (well, not literally on the floor of the floor, in a seat on the ‘floor’). My boss at the time was up ahead of me. Another Senator turned to me and grinned.

Straighten your tie, son. You look like a damned poet.”

And I did.