Week 1, Half 2

*My first batch of short reviews are up at The Savage Critics! I think late Tuesday/early Wednesday for the weekly column and late Friday/early Saturday for the short reviews will be the official thing for now.

*Completely Random News Dept: Apparently, Mike Allred is drawing a new story featuring Fletcher Hanks' (public domain) Stardust the Super Wizard, whom all readers of the excellent I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! collection from Fantagraphics have come to know and fear. That's... something. Joe Keatinge is writing.

It's all part of a very ambitious-sounding new effort from Image that Erik Larsen is masterminding, called The Next Issue Project. It will be an ongoing anthology of 'next issues' of actual public doman Golden Age comics series, printed in oversized Golden Age dimensions, featuring artists from all over the place providing new spins on actual public domain Golden Age characters. So, the first one will be a new issue of Fantastic Comics, and the next will be a new issue of Crack Comics, and so on. Lots of great folks are attached, like Kyle Baker, Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Chaykin, Ashley Wood... many more at the above link. Launches in December. This will be worth keeping an eye on. (found at NYC Mech)

*Ok, less links, more reviews tomorrow. No skip days in linkville.