Back and not so tired.

*I've felt for a while that my site was getting... sleepy.

Which is to be expected, to some extent. For one, I'd started this site when I was still a student, and had a bit of free time to throw around. These days I'm working full-time, which has sapped both my free time and my writing/thinking energy, leading to a few too many paradigm-shifting posts in which I announce that I am about to drive somewhere, or go to sleep, or some such nonsense. Also, I've been working through this site for three years now, so it's inevitable that I've fallen into certain ways of doing things - some of these procedures have kept me going at a regular frequency, but they leave the echo of mundanity. To me.

Hence! A fourth year bifurcation!

You've probably heard by now that I'm participating in a new group blog - The Savage Critics! It's an updated version of the review site based out of Brian Hibbs' Comix Experience retail store of San Francisco. There's already a whole bunch of posts up, complete with a handy icon-based guide to all participating writers. There's going to be a lot of good stuff up there, and I'm very happy to be included along with everyone.

But, what will I be doing?

Two things.

First off, I'm going to try and restart a weekly feature thing. Longtime readers will recall that I somehow managed to write a weekly online column for Komikwerks.com from January 28, 2005 to April 14, 2006 - it was an amorphous thing, spilled in no particular direction, flavored with industry punditry and occasionally scented with noxious literary perfume. I still really like a few of them, and Komikwerks has kindly kept them all archived, if you want to use the pull-down list and click around.

My Savage Critics thing will be nothing like that. Instead, I plan to take a different book/series/issue/story from somewhere in my collection, something not particularly new, and just go through what strikes me as interesting about it. I've already got a lot of choices to go through, so I'll probably keep it up for a while. First book up is Rogan Gosh, and you can expect the post sometime later this week. It's a new site (well, at least a substantially different version of an old site in terms of organization), so it may take a few weeks for posts to settle into rythms, but I'm thinking the feature will run on Wednesday mornings. Just like I did with my old column, my corresponding blog post will be little more than a link to the new stuff at the other site.

Secondly, I'll also be making one or two posts of short reviews per week at the Savage Critics site. These posts will be different from the review posts on this site in several ways. First off, they will only concern comics pamphlets released that week to Direct Market stores, unless Brian wants to do a special feature or something. I'm also taking a vow of temperance, so absolutely none of those short reviews will be over 300 words in length. Hopefully, this will get me back into examining recent pamphlets at a good clip. I will continue to review anything and everything, at whatever length seems right, on this site. All books sent to me for the purposes of review will continue to be reviewed on this site. This site will continue to run at its usual clip of six or seven days a week, although one of those days will now be taken up by a link to Savage Critic feature stuff.

I'm pretty excited about all this. It's already gotten me eager and ready to write more, although I guess we'll see how much my pep keeps up after a few months of posting, eh?

*Fuck. I want to do a review, but nobody wants a review of their comic buried under a stack of site news. How about I post this right now, and post the review on top after I finish it? Great idea, me! Always glad to speak out loud as I type. They all love me at my day job.