All Star Superman #8

Also, an anime review of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society, plowing farther into colons than anything seen before.

Not much else, since the holiday made everything longer last week.

*And now -


Comics Comics #3: Or, at least Diamond has an item called simply “Comics Comics” listed for $2.95. I will presume it’s the latest issue of this fine newspaper of comics information and festivity, now ready for the Direct Market to kiss it with its tongue. Reviews of new publications, like Douglas Wolk’s Reading Comics! Frank Santoro makes the case for Ronin as Frank Miller’s finest hour! Sammy Harkham chats with Guy Davis, and they draw the cover together! Kim Deitch editorializes! My name appears in print again, much to the consternation of English letters! It’s a scientifically proven fact that a copy of Comics Comics can heal a multitude of diseases if pressed against the offending portion of the body, though it’s gotta be a sick body part, not just offending. I sure hope this item isn’t actually something else!


Dee Vee 2007: Ohh, a new 48-page volume of the ten-year old Australian comics anthology, presenting tales of "spiteful romance" for a mere $4.95. Full(?) list of folks here, featuring Eddie Campbell and Jeffrey Brown and many more.

Spent: The new hardcover collection of Joe Matt’s infamous ‘Joe Matt masturbates a lot’ storyline from Peepshow. Drawn and Quarterly brings it to you, for $19.95. I reviewed the final issue of the storyline here. It’s all addiction, all rationalization. I rather enjoyed it, but opinions have been very mixed.

Martha Washington Dies: No plot summary necessary, I don’t think. From writer Frank Miller and artist Dave Gibbons, a simple 24-page one-shot that wraps up the saga, in anticipation for a big fat book later on that’ll collect the whole thing. The preview hints at a relatively restrained finale, albeit packed with desperate war against barbarians that have torn down all the churches… will Freedom prevail?! Only $3.50, true believers.

Ashley Wood’s 48 Nude Girls: I expect this to provide what it says on the label too.

Jack Kirby’s Silver Star: You might have seen TwoMorrows’ b&w softcover Graphite Edition of the material last year - note that this is a new hardcover edition from Image, with fully remastered coloring. Silver Star began life as an illustrated screenplay Kirby wrote in the ‘70s, which he adapted to comics form as a six-issue Pacific Comics series in 1983-84, one of his final original works. Interest in the King really seems to be picking up - also this week, Marvel has the Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby Omnibus out for $29.99, compiling the nine-issue entirety of Kirby’s 1978 Moon-Boy starring vehicle. Enthusiasts’ shelves shall buckle.

Ramayan 3392 A.D. Vol. 1: Of Virgin Comics' various ongoing series, this is the one I liked the most, writer Shamik Dasgupta's and (primary) artist Abhishek Singh's sci-fi retelling of the legend of Rama, which had action comic oddness to burn, and a midnight glow that reminded me of something that might prompt me to pluck an issue of Heavy Metal off the rack. I presume this collects the entire series thus far, as the book is relaunching later this month with Ron Martz as story consultant and writer of a back-up strip to be illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming. Also of note from Virgin this week are Weston Cage & Nicholas Cage's Voodoo Child #1, actually written by Mike Carey, with art by Dean Hyrapiet, and India Authentic #3: Indra - The King of Gods, from writer Saurav Mohapatra and artist... somebody not listed at Virgin's site.

Nexus #99: I’ll level with you - I don’t think I’ve ever read a full issue of Mike Baron’s and Steve Rude’s much-loved brainchild, returning this week from a decade’s hiatus, and I have absolutely no idea what’s going on the story or anything. I just know it’s a four part monthly storyline starting up here, from RudeDude Productions, and faithful readers will want to know. The art will probably be very nice.

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Vol. 9 (of 18): Hey, hey whoa… a little quick for this one to be getting out, huh? These VIZ books for older readers that nobody wants (except when they do) usually travel in packs. My hopes were up for the rest of them to follow along. Anyway - this.

Madman Atomic Comics #3: Floyd Gottfredson homage in the preview art = issue is obviously going to be great. I shouldn’t be giving away these juicy critic tips, but my guidance councilors always told me I had no sense of discretion. Pricks.

BPRD: Garden of Souls #5 (of 5): Oh, Guy Davis draws this! Read all about him in this week’s… ok.

Green Arrow: Year One #1 (of 6): Notable for Andy Diggle and Jock. Look.

Blade #11: Penultimate issue! Please battle hard for justice, Blade!

Punisher War Journal #9: You too, Frank! America!

Clubbing: This is the third Minx book, which they really seem to be rolling out at a steady clip. From writer Andi Watson and artist Josh Howard. Murder and mystery with a London club kid, glossary of terms included (really). Incidentally, I do think DC announced some other publishing line the other day, some kind of... computer comics, maybe sold on floppy disks and distributed through junior high school classroom catalogs. I don't know, maybe the internet is talking about it.