*Fresh morning. I heard it might hit 40 degrees this week, which means maybe all those concrete-like blocks of ice will melt and I'll be able to park by my building for once!


Cartoon Workshop/Pig Tales (new Paper Rad)

Batman #663

Golgo 13 Vol. 7 (of 13): Eye of God

*Touching Words Dept:

When I was very young, there was a kid of my own age who was a bit more favored by nature in physical prowess than I was; in other words, he had my goat. Not only that, but he knew he had it, and he never allowed me to forget it either. By way of impressing the fact on my memory, he would take a long and carefully aimed swing at my nasal organ every time we met. Occasionally his judgment of direction would be a trifle off, and my eye would act as backdrop for the punch. To give him justice, however, I must admit that he seldom missed. I usually got it just where I was supposed to get it, - right on the beak. I couldn’t get even with him then, but I swore a mighty oath that, should I ever become President, or get on the Police force, or in any other manner get him in my power, I would make it my one aim in life to get revenge. Therefore, I dedicate this Book to him, Charlie Harvey.”

- creator Bud Fisher’s opening dedication, from The Mutt and Jeff Cartoons, published 1910 and reprinted 1987 from Arcadia Publications

*That moved me.


The Drifting Classroom Vol. 4 (of 11): MORE TOP-OF-YOUR-LUNGS THRILLS as the Kazuo Umezu classic continues. Can Sho free his school from the grip of a fiendish, power-mad girl gang in time to repel an attack by mutant beasts? Will his time-spanning connection with his mother prompt further hotel invasions? Maybe another crucifixion? Anything is possible.

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Vol. 7 (of 18): Meanwhile, here’s another volume of Urasawa’s popular thriller, one among several manga I am hopelessly behind on. That fucking cover design recently tricked me into accidentally skipping a volume while trying to catch up, so now I have to grab a copy of Vol. 5 before I can get to this one. Incidentally, this volume’s official title font hue is ‘deep urine.’

Heartbreak Soup: The First Volume of “Palomar” Stories from Love & Rockets: Just not that interested in breaking your back over a gigantic hardcover tome, yet intimidated by the huge library of Love & Rockets material already available in paperback? Fantagraphics no doubt sympathizes with your plight, because tomorrow brings us this 288-page softcover volume, shaped at a more compact 7 ½” x 9 ¼”, priced at only $14.95, and collecting the first half of Gilbert Hernandez’s classic Palomar stories. If you haven’t read this material, you really ought to.

Maggie the Mechanic: The First Volume of “Locas” Stories from Love & Rockets: Also out, a 272-page book collecting the first third of Jaime Hernandez’s Maggie and Hopey tales, with all of the supporting cast in tow. Featuring material not included in the Locas hardcover, which otherwise collected all this stuff into one package. Now you can finally rest both books easily on your lap at the local chain bookstore and hash out whether Gilbert or Jaime is better with the 14-year old trying to read Fruits Basket next to you.

Sock Monkey: The “Inches” Incident #3 (of 4): Stormy seas!

Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor #5 (of 8): Another new storyline for this thing begins, complete with rib-tickling comedy to spice up the murder investigation.

The Spirit #3: Obligatory origin recap issue.

Local #8 (of 12): I’m always glad to see this Brian Wood/Ryan Kelly series, when it’s out. This one is set in Chicago, and sees the return of lead character Megan.

The Immortal Iron Fist #3: Oh, here’s the new issue. Good. Man, these comments are just crackling off my fingertips today.

Punisher War Journal #4: The first of the post-Civil War issues (oh, Civil War is ending this week too btw), and hopefully where the book strikes out a firm identity apart from the sales-boosting rigors of conforming its pacing and plot to the demands of a larger thing. It won’t be so much weighed down, so let’s see if it can swim.

52 #42 (of 52): I think this is supposed to be the climax of Ralph’s storyline, maybe? Unless it’s another tease? I did enjoy last week’s bit where he kicked an elderly man out of a wheelchair for a magical artifact, then felt bad afterwards. What larks!

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