*Yes, welcome to our post for Saturday morning... er, afternoon... evening? Fuck, it's almost 10:00?! Well, I'll have the new Golgo 13 review up at an earlier hour tomorrow.

*Comics Adaptation Dept: Meanwhile, I do have something Tam brought to my attention the other day - a one-minute film adaptation of Alan Moore's and Melinda Gebbie's This Is Information, originally published in the Dark Horse/Chaos!/Image anthology 9-11: Artists Respond Vol. 1 from 2002. Stripped of nearly all of Moore's considered, witty prose, the work comes off as far more polemical than the source material, though it actually is fairly true to the core of the comic - call it a strong argument for adornment. It also falls into a pretty common adaptation trap, presuming a certain familiarity with the original work; unless you can read damn quick, the bit about any single human life having more bound energy than our tallest towers etc. will fly right past you. Still, it's a nice try, and worth a minute of your time.

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