Cool As Ice Update

*Ok, I managed to chip all the remaining crap off of my vehicle and I think I'm ready for the long haul up the highway to work. A lot of roads around here aren't quite fixed yet -- tightly compacted snow atop layers of ice will do that -- and media sources were all but begging people not to drive as late as sundown yesterday evening. Needless to say, I won't have any new comics until tonight, provided that I even get where I'm going in one piece. But it should be a little better than I expect, since I'm kind of expecting the worst.

*I love blogging about the weather, by the way! Boy do I wish I didn't have to spend all my time chipping ice. You can read lots of other things today, like Jones' blog, which has been running for about half a month now and already has many fine posts. Or maybe this comments section from the other day, in which commenter Tam presented maybe the finest letter a comic's letters column can hope to see. It covers Mike Baron's run on The Punisher, and has a powerful message about drugs, and how we can make the world a better place through hard work and guts. The Punisher was indeed fighting drugs quite a lot by '93 or so when I started reading, so let's not discount the power of a simple letter...