Extra-random post time!

*I was all excited to check out “Maria Full of Grace” at my local cinema today, but apparently they never got their print due to ‘distributor overbooking’ and now nobody knows when it’s gonna get shown. Damn. I’ve been waiting for it too. I’d also like to check out “The Five Obstructions”, which is a documentary about renowned moviemaking charmer Lars von Trier challenging his mentor, Jorgen Leth, to remake Leth’s 1967 short film “The Perfect Human” five times, with increasingly odd restrictions added on with each attempt (like forcing Leth to hold each shot for no longer than half a second). Von Trier’s goal is to expose his teacher’s imperfections and thus render him more properly human, but much of the fun apparently derives from Leth’s endless resourcefulness in playing Lars’ game. And naturally, the results are presented for our edification. Sounds pretty neat, but I may wind up waiting for the dvd.

*Speaking of which, Kino on Video is prepping a cool-looking new box set. “The Wong Kar-Wai Collection” will be out on October 19, and it will collect newly remastered versions of Kino’s two extant Kar-Wai discs, “Fallen Angels” and “Happy Together”, along with two brand-new discs for Kar-Wai’s first two theatrical features, “As Tears Go By” and “Days of Being Wild”, plus they’re even throwing in Buena Vista’s “Chungking Express” disc, which I believe has a picture of Quentin Tarantino’s scowling face on the cover. Runs at about $100, but you can get it for under $70 if you look. Don’t worry, those two new discs will be out separately too. This box will collect all of Wong Kar-Wai’s theatrical features except for 1994’s “Ashes of Time” (given a reportedly dodgy R1 release in 2001) and “In the Mood for Love” which is out in a lavish Criterion set. And, of course, “2046” is coming soon to theaters. The official site looks nice although its use is limited; the introduction acts like an informal trailer, but none of the real content is up yet (and you have to give your e-mail).

*Entertainment Weekly has roused their subscribers-only insert "Listen 2 This" from its summer slumber in the latest issue (#784). Sadly, there is a marked decline in comics coverage, with only "Ex Machina" getting a short review (non-graded too). It's "terrifically intriguing, if occasionally talky." Tracker's soundtrack to "Blankets" also gets a quick mention. Elsewhere in the issue, Art Spiegelman gets a two-page interview.

*I know what you’re thinking: “Golly, I wish all of the links to reviews in the ‘mainstream’ media of that new Art Spiegelman book were collected in one place!” Well Jeff Mason and The Comics Journal message board only live to serve you. And check out Bill Sherman's review too, where he compares the style of the book to Spiegelman's 'underground' work from the past.