WizardWorld Comics Transfiguration: The Final Chapter

As you may have heard, Brian Michael Bendis has apologized for revolutionizing the world.

Such remorseful statements cannot bode well for the chances of reviving my beloved "Alf/Black Panther" sequential opus. If only there was another way. If only there was an original solution to this…

Of course! Original characters! That’s the key! It’s not Alf in my proposal, it’s… it’s… Fla! Short for Form of Living Alien! And he eats cats not because he’s a hungry creature from Melmac, but because… because… HE BECAME ADDICTED TO CATS IN VIETNAM! YES. And that’s why he fights the Brown Leopard! Are leopards brown? IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Because anything is possible in comics.

The End.

Thank You For Playing.

Winners Don’t Do Drugs.

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