The Real World is a Cruel Beast:

*And thus my gap-laden Nick Bertozzi overview will have to wait for sometime later on Monday. However, we can immediately indulge in:


Ex Machina #1-2, and Steed and Mrs. Peel, Book 1 (the latter being a lesser-known Grant Morrison work, with art by Ian Gibson!)

Tiempos Finales (End Times) Vol. 1 (of 9) by Samuel Hiti (Xeric-winning Godly monster bash)

Krazy and Ignatz: Daily Strips 1/1/1921-12/31/1921

The Punisher MAX #10

Read them and press them close to your heart.

*It's not just criticism, it's sociology! Paul O'Brian explores the four (formerly five) types of Rob Liefeld fans in his review of the all-new, all-familiar "X-Force Vol. 2" issue #1. More than one review I've seen has characterized the book as 'critic-proof', and Paul has the reasons behind the notion.

*The most interesting news out of The Recent Chicago Nerd Event thus far: the possibility of a "Grant Morrison Omnibus", collecting "Kill Your Boyfriend" and other assorted works. And "Seaguy" is already set for a trade collection.

*Warren Ellis is blogging from the set of the upcoming "Global Frequency" television program.

And that's all I have. See you later today!