A new trail is blazed on the new frontier!

Always on the cutting edge of comics innovation, Brian Michael Bendis has nonetheless outdone himself today. Oh yes, an Internet warrior-king like yourself has surely read the news already:

Announcing Vetoed Projects is the New Announcing Upcoming Projects!

This represents an amazing paradigm shift for our industry, one that hasn’t arrived a moment too soon for this bitter scribe. Back in the 1980’s, when Marvel and their Star Comics line rejected my “Alf vs. Black Panther” crossover proposal, all I wanted to do was share my problems with the fans at a panel. I mean, it was just a great idea! It’d be stuff that actually affects the books! Come on: ALF EATS CATS! That’s instant conflict right there, and it’d be a really fun story.

But that story was cruelly kept away from the people who were clamoring for it. Each night I’d stick my head out of my bedroom window and listen to the people seething from their lack of Alf/Panther conflict. A revolution was brewing, and Alf was the only safety valve, and the Black Panther was the only hand that could release the valve because it was on really tight, and the Black Panther is strong.

But you know what? It wasn’t really about my not getting to write the project I wanted. No no. That’s not why I wanted to bring my case to the red-blooded working-class Joe and Jane six-pack starry-eyed fan on the street. No sir.

It was about fences.

Fences that need to be mended in our industry or else the industry chickens will all get away and the local industry children will get on to our industry property and steal my industry blueberry pie as it cools on the industry windowsill while I take my industry nap.

We all wanted to see Alf fight the Black Panther back then. We would have been into it in a big way. And we could have made it happen, because Alf is absolutely not a licensed character. He is ours. So is the Black Panther. All of his prior adventures were our adventures, people, especially the time he teamed up with the Avengers to battle Klaw. Today if we want Alf to guest-star on television’s ’24’ , well we damn sure ought to see it, because logically they kind of have to say yes to our demands as well. Hell, throw in the kids from “South Park” too. Because Cartman is our character. So's whatever the name of the character Kiefer Sutherland plays is. He’s ours too.

We couldn’t do it then. I was too damn weak.

But we can now.

God bless you, comics.


Oh wow. Just wow. Look at this. It's called 'Watchmen Funnies'. Yow.