Handy Hints to Help:

*Now here's something I hadn't known. I was over at Comicon and noticed that one of the banners was advertising a brand-new third collection of Rick Veitch's "Rare Bit Fiends", his series of dream-based comics. It's called "Crypto Zoo" and appears in the August Previews for pre-order. But when I click on the banner for more info, it takes me to Veitch's website, which hasn't been updated in over a year. Curious. Rare Bit Fiends is a cool book, and you should check out the first two collected volumes, "Rabid Eye" and "Pocket Universe".

*As many of us already know, Internet petitions always work. There has never in the history of Internet science been a petition that has failed to deliver on its promise, which is why you should sign this "Seaguy" petition, to ensure the production of future volumes. The text of the petition is spot-on, and Seaguy needs to continue his quest! I loved the first Seaguy mini, as you can see.

*I'll have a longer post later tonight on the film "Napoleon Dynamite" (world's most generic story, but pretty damn funny) and Adrian Tomine's "Scrapbook", which I had thought was just a sketchbook/commercial art showcase, but also features a towering 80 pages of never before collected comics, plus additional strips in sketch form! Short version: Tomine fans need this.