The Onion is apeshit for comics.

This will neatly render my update to the post below totally redundant, but two comics features in one issue is enough for an all new post.  The Onion AV Club (always one of the more comics-friendly entertainment sites) has a lengthy interview with James Kochalka here, and a glowing review of Dan Clowes'"Eightball" #23 here.  Be sure to check out my own Eightball thoughts in case you haven't, then gorge yourself on Sean T. Collins' Giant-Sized Eightball Discussion Link Omnibus.  Hell, I might as well mention the AV Club's funny review of the "Catwoman" motion picture and, just for the hell of it, dredge up their delightful Dave Sim interview since I found it entertaining.  Strive forward Onion - FOR COMICS!