Attention! Compelling Comics News!

This, my friends and allies, is the quote of the week:

"When The Advocate was interviewing me about The Mirror of Love they asked me what they describe as the Advocate question they ask everybody and I said “No I’m not! But I will admit to being curious.” Also my hallway and landing is the gayest thing anyone has ever seen. It is gay in every sense of the word."

- Alan Moore

Full version of the rock and roll comics insight here (found on the Pop Culture Bored).

In other news, my gas station got in new "Hubba Bubba MAX" chewing gum.  I have not seen Hubba Bubba in a long time, and I can only assume that the nostalgia craze has spread directly from comics to bubble gum.  But what really lit my matches was the MAX label.  I know what that means from my readings of Marvel Comics: MATURE CONTENT.  Imagine walking home from a hard day's work, looking only for some delightful chewing adventure, hoping for a ray of sunshine to glaze your overcast life, and POW!  Discussion of mature themes issues forth, rather than natural and artificial delight!  You can bet I wrote a strongly-worded letter to my local news alliance, and then they sent me a fart in an envelope and I died.  MORAL: the strawberry/watermelon flavor is yummy.