Nothing like a nice long update-free trip to scrub myself clean of whatever few readers I had ever retained. I promise, devoted friends, that I will stick to my blogging on a far more regular basis (like daily) for the immediate future.

It was a pretty nice trip. I ate breakfast one particular day at a place called Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Diner or something. It was very nostalgic. I ordered my breakfast whiskey and the pleasingly costumed waitress regaled me with analysis of why slavery was necessary for the survival of the Nostalgic Old South’s economic infrastructure. I thanked her and ordered silver dollar pancakes. Typhoid then broke out in the smoking section, which really upped the authenticity factor; fortunately, I was prepared for such a situation with memorized selections from the latest Marvel solicitations. I shit you not my dear pals, upon hearing the latest and greatest information on countless white-hot upcoming epics in the making, not only was every trace of disease driven from that jolly house, but the elderly actually became young again, and every dog within five blocks gained the power of speech. I have already stolen their insights, and will pass them off as my own without further notification. Score two more big points for team comics! I was so pumped from my good deed, I spent the next eight hours playing "Target: Terror" at a nearby arcade, and then my wife divorced me.

Ha ha! Just kidding, gang! I never married.

So. Comics this week. Didn’t buy them yet, but I will tomorrow. I’m (obviously) not at the big Comics Gathering this weekend, so I’ll be deprived of all the awesome books out there. Fuck. Well, I’m gonna have some thoughts out on Tom Herpich’s "Gongwanadon" some time tomorrow, and hopefully some reviews of new comics I’m catching up on. It seems like a pretty quiet week; lots of talk about "Identity Crisis", which I have no desire to read, but I've done the next best thing by following the coverage online. From what I can gather, it’s all about villains raping beloved family members, right? How will this continue? Won't the rapes grow increasingly outlandish after seven issues? Can the creative team maintain suspense? And didn’t Alan Moore have this beat pretty much covered back in "The Killing Joke"? And hey, he’s not only a lucky alum of the recent New York Times comics bonanza, he’s also "one of the world’s finest writers" (and he gives a pretty sweet interview, although this one is as much about politics as comics, for those with allergies).  Hey, that reminds me: a new issue of "Tom Strong's Terrific Tales" is just out!  That means 6 to 8 whole pages of new Alan Moore!  YES!

Right. So, lots of comics content coming real soon.