Links to Relevant Contemporary Writing

(DISCLAIMER: involving me.)

Comics I Bought Over Mother's Day Weekend (In which short reviews of a 1957 album by the creator of the Smurfs, a 2009 Marvel team-up miniseries, a vaguely smutty sports manga and the latest issue of James Stokoe's Orc Stain clump together into some kind of comparative comics art thingy.)

Savage Symposium: Wilson (Just your garden-variety 15,000-word discussion of the latest by Daniel Clowes; featuring the participation of Sean T. Collins, Chris Eckert, Brian Hibbs, Abhay Khosla, Tucker Stone, David Uzumeri, Douglas Wolk and myself. Sample: "And sometimes, I didn’t learn anything, but was instead embroiled in an erotic game of cat & mouse. But who was predator, and who was prey?" More awaits.)