It's gotta be done; it's gotta be fast.

*Read my two-part MoCCA report below. Because it totally killed the time I had for this.


Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #3 (of 3) and Batman and Robin #1 (two from Grant Morrison)

MoCCA Part 1 (manga, firearms, Elmo)

MoCCA Part 2 (lots and lots of books)

*Okay, this week only: TOP FIVE FORMAT.


The Color of Water: Being the sequel to Kim Dong Hwa's The Color of Earth, a strange, lovely, quite deeply underappreciated piece of comics-as-poetry from a major publisher. I guess part of the problem is that manhwa tends to get lumped in with the poppier side of manga regardless of content; worthwhile exceptions in English can probably be counted on your fingers. But First Second really has something here - a series of carefully modulated chapters tracking points in a young rural girl's growth, each one layering on visual and textual metaphors relating flowers and plants and natural growths to the beauty and wonder of female sexuality as understood by mothers and daughters. Sweet, bucolic, unfailingly sex-positive, unafraid to seem silly (and indeed, sometimes more than a bit silly, sure); it's kind of marvelous. To be followed by The Color of Heaven, later this year; 320 pages for $16.95. Preview here.

The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: More from Abrams ComicArts, this time a $40.00, 11 1/4" x 10 1/2" hardcover tribute to the legend of war and satire, fully authorized and with many rare items. By Denis Kitchen & Paul Buhle; more here.

Detroit Metal City Vol. 1: Just a little comedy here, folks; Kiminori Wakasugi's been running this since 2005, a gag-laden saga of a dainty young lad who really wants to write silly, frothy pop songs, though his massive true talent is in hardcore death metal. Can young Soichi keep his flouncy life in order while living a double life as Johannes Krauser II, titan of rape & genocide and master of the teeth-only guitar solo, whose devout fans literally take him to be a demon from hell? A font of anime (Studio 4°C! the director of Mushishi!), tribute albums and a live-action film (Gene Simmons! the dude who played L!), still ongoing. Vol. 1 is 200 pages for $12.99.

Anna Mercury 2 #1 (of 5): Only the newest in Avatar's line of small-scale, entertaining Warren Ellis-written projects. This one's a sequel (really?!), with returning artist Facundo Percio. The standard $3.99 for color.

Final Crisis HC: I could cheat and make note of Flash: The Human Race, a $14.99 softcover collecting the end of the Grant Morrison/Mark Millar joint run on the series (going from #136) and the whole of Millar's solo tenure ('till #141), but I wouldn't dare. No, just be on alert for this 240-page, $24.99 hardcover collection of all the Grant Morrison-written comics content -- not counting the Batman tie-ins, which are in the Batman: R.I.P. hardcover -- for this thing that was an Event. It had its moments; I'll just say that.