Nobody Can Save Me

*Good god, Eurocomics have even colonized today's comiXology column. Consider it a side-story, particularly in that its content would otherwise totally screw up the whole Jodorowsky thing going on; Enki Bilal week is next week, damn it!

So yeah, this one's a reflection on my expectations for Frank Miller's soon-to-dvd adaptation of The Spirit, as processed through Bilal's 2004 directorial effort Immortal, a 'digital backlot' feature by a noted comics artist that pre-dated even the panel-to-screen translations of Sin City. Interestingly, Bilal sold his picture as only a "loose" adaptation of his beloved The Nikopol Trilogy, preferring to focus his efforts on heavy live-action/animation fusion and would-be lyrical visuals laid atop a mildly elliptical, digression-prone plot.

Granted, I suspect nobody is bound to mistake it for prime period Terrence Malick, and Bilal doesn't exactly rebut the stereotype of green screen filmmakers having little-to-no idea how to direct actors, but I do think it has a bit more interest to it than a lot of reviews suggest by either balking at how 'weird' and 'convoluted' it is or suggesting that maybe next time the computers can generate a STORY LOL LOL LOL!!

Er, I'm paraphrasing. Hope you like the column.