Let's Stare Into Each Others' Eyes

*Horrible Self-Promotion Dept: You know what's coming up in (oh god) two weeks? SPX 2008 in Bethseda, Maryland!

And while I'll be easy enough to find walking the floor on Saturday, dressed as my 'naughty linx' fursona, I'm also going to be participating in a pair of formal hour-or-so events; here's the full lineup, although you'll want to watch the eXpo's homepage for times and locations and such.

First up (unless it's second) is a Q&A session with Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, which I'll be moderating. Surely this is an artist that needs no introduction; load your ass up with Q, so that A shall result. I'll be a good time.

And then (unless it's first) comes a Critics' Roundtable, with Bill Kartalopoulos asking questions of Gary Groth, Tim Hodler, Rob Clough and me. This will be my first time sitting on a comics show panel, so buckle up for more uhs and pregnant pauses than 24 hours of off-the-cuff Barack Obama. Questions will be also solicited from the audience; feel free to ask me about anything, up to and including romantic advice, dining tips or Final Crisis spoilers. Granted, I don't have any Final Crisis spoilers, but you can still ask!

Lots of other stuff going on - I mean, Joost Swarte and Ben Katchor will be there, plus Kim Thompson is doing a presentation on 20 great French cartoonists, so things'll be hopping. Come on down/up if you're in the area for Oct. 4-5; tell them I sent you, so they'll get confused.