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*Well, I've got my stimulus check from my very giving government, so I'm ready to stimulate the comics economy at MoCCA this Saturday! I'm sure work won't mind being ignored for the rest of the week while I plan the nation's recovery.


Speak of the Devil #1-6 (of 6)


All Star Superman #11

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*Lighter than last time -


Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft #1 (of 3): Hell yeah. It's writer/artist Richard Corben's long-awaited Marvel MAX series of loose comics adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft works, in glorious b&w, paired up with the original texts. This $3.99 issue features the early stories Dagon and A Memory, plus the poem Recognition. Preview here.

The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8: New from Fantagraphics, the first-ever full-length graphic novel from scratchboard master Thomas Ott, a 104-page, $28.95 crime saga about how the titular combination affects the life of a prison guard for good and ill. Preview. Ask for it by name. And while you're at it, search around for Diamond's new offerings of Fanta's $39.95, 344-page reprinted Frank hardcover -- collecting all the wordless Jim Woodring your heart could possibly desire -- plus the Ignatz books Grotesque #1 (from Sergio Ponchione), Delphine #1-2 (from Richard Sala) and Baobab #1-2 (from Igort).

Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol. 2: I've seen one million copies of the first volume of this thing in bookstores. So, here's 384 additional color pages' worth of mid-'90s Indy comics from Dark Horse, including Gary Gianni's Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil serial, and the 1995 miniseries Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny, written by Elaine Lee of Starstruck (with pencils by her Vamps cohort Will Simpson) - I believe this now brings the grand total of 'longform Elaine Lee comics currently in print' up to... one! And speaking of people I wrote columns about in 2007, Igor Kordey casts a shadow over the two other Dark Horse Omnibus collections out this week: Predator Omnibus Vol. 3, featuring his cover art, and Star Wars Omnibus: Droids, featuring a story illustrated by him.

Duo Stars #1 (of 2): I think Ashley Wood has realized that keeping these series down to two or three issues each means he'll actually stand a chance of finishing them. This one's about the top-secret world of underground mech racing, and it's $3.99 from IDW, as always.

Criminal Vol. 2 #3: The third and last of the series' one-off '70s stories, although each of them cross paths in cruel and revealing ways. Still $3.50 for many pages, some of which are here. From Marvel's Icon line, which also has Kick-Ass #3 (of 4) for ya.

Omega: The Unknown #9 (of 10): Shit, Marvel's got all the nice pamphlets this week. I'm glad they sat on this after it got semi-announced back in 1767, because I kind of like having this oddball thing acting really odd by showing up on time, all the time. Look at this. I guess the same could be said for Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #4 (of 5); never expected to see a Jae Lee comic you could gauge a month by, although I think that's as much due to dipping him in digital gloop as waiting on the pages to come in.

Abe Sapien: The Drowning #5 (of 5): Wrapping up the latest of these 'character' miniseries from the world of Hellboy. Magic words here. Note that the prior such miniseries, Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus, is also out in trade format this week.

American Splendor Season Two #3 (of 4): I expect creator/writer Harvey Pekar's teaming with Darwyn Cooke will be the big draw this time, although Rick Geary, Warren Pleece and Dean Haspiel are featured as well.

Infinity Inc. #10: Dead in two issues. Helpfully, #1-5 are also out in a trade this week, Infinity Inc. Vol. 1: Luthor's Monsters.

Tor #2 (of 6): Tor fights animals.

Punisher War Journal #20: Faces.

Tank Girl: Visions of Booga #2 (of 4): Already?

Path of the Assassin Vol. 11 (of 15): Hikuma Castle: Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima are never far from your heart. Remember.

Robot Vol. 5: This looks to mark a special turning point in editor Range Murata's ongoing color manga and illustration anthology, in that the obligatory cover girl is very much clothed. Could the Robot crew be turning over a new leaf? Only they who dare lay out another $29.95 for UDON's feasting can know for sure.

A Complete History of American Comic Books: Being a 353-page, $39.95 book of the type its title suggests. Written by Shirrel Rhoades, whom I believe was Executive Vice President and Publisher of Marvel for the dog days of 1996-99. I found this in Diamond's eclectic Merchandise section, along with a $28.99 Indiana Jones Standup - great for fucking with assassins, many of which surround me.

Comic Art Now: Also from the world of Merchandise, this appears to be a $29.95, Dez Skinn-edited hardcover art book from HarperCollins, primed to reveal "the diversity and rich talent that abounds in this visually thrilling artform." It's kind enough to mix-'n-match Brendan McCarthy, Chris Ware, JG Jones, Mike Mignola, Jason, Bryan Talbot and Sean Phillips, so I'd be looking to flip through.

Tom Strong Vol. 6 (of 6): I cannot believe Wildstorm is just finishing up these softcovers now. Then again, I can't believe Vertigo is only looking at Vol. 3 of the complete Jamie Delano Hellblazer next month, so what good am I? Anyway, this contains the Michael Moorcock-written guest storyline, among others, plus the grand finale from creators Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse.

Trinity #1 (of 52): YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT A WEEKLY DC SUPERHERO COMIC! THIS ONE HAS ALL YOUR NAME FAVORITES AND IS SURE TO FIVE-DIAMOND SATISFY! PREVIEW! Although, DC is sort of breaking this one off from prior efforts by making it a self-contained thing (for now), with the steady creative team of writer Kurt Busiek and penciller Mark Bagley on each issue's feature serial chapter, and backups by Busiek, co-writer Fabian Nicieza and a whole lot of artists. Can it swim without the inflatable aid of Valuable Continuity Import? Time will tell...