I should spend all my money at comics conventions more often...

*...because I got a lot more than usual done.


The Drifting Classroom Vol. 11 (of 11)

Disappearance Diary

Dororo Vol. 1 (of 3)

Plus, NYCC Part 2, as if another 4000 words were somehow necessary.

*All that was missing was some pamphlet reviews for another site I've been neglecting; I get the feeling this week will have several small things to talk about...


Dororo Vol. 1 (of 3): Osamu Tezuka presents monster fighting across the land that is war. Review here.

Thoreau at Walden: This is the new Center for Cartoon Studies project from Hyperion, a 112-page hardcover that sees John Porcellino (of King-Cat Comics) follow four seasons in the life of Henry David Thoreau. I suspect every Porcellino reader will want this. It's b&w, $16.99.

Ordinary Victories: I don't know if it's a reissue or just Diamond getting stuff in stock again, but I've heard good things about this 120-page Manu Larcenet book, all about life's small conflicts - publisher NBM will be releasing a concluding volume, Ordinary Victories: What is Precious, next month. Winner of the overall Best Comic Book prize at Angoulême 2004. Preview here.

The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch: Another one of those Michael Zulli hardcovers from Dark Horse, wherein a Neil Gaiman prose story is adapted to the comics form (see also: Creatures of the Night). I believe Gaiman has rewritten this one for the present edition; a subterranean circus and magic and things are involved. Look at it.

Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins On Stage Vol. 4: Gosh, now this thing's 264 pages, covering June 13, 1960 to September 16, 1961 for Starr's drama of the dramatic. Supplements include an introduction by Eddie Campbell, and a Starr interview conducted by Richard Howell & Carol Kalish. From Classic Comics Press, which will charge you $24.95, and is soon be starting a new Wash Tubbs & Captain Easy series, plus Stan Drake's The Heart of Juliet Jones. Note that Dondi Vol. 2 also arrives this week. And hell, IDW has The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 4, so as not to be left out.

The Complete Green Lama Featuring the Art of Mac Raboy Vol. 1 (of 2): Meanwhile, in Golden Age superhero country, Dark Horse has this $49.95 hardcover devoted to Raboy's Buddhist adventurer of the pulps and panels. Three of the 208 pages are here.

Gon Vol. 4: Aw, that cute lil' dinosaur and his wordless accomplishments - he is an example to us all. This series is still only $5.99, in case you forgot.

Local #11 (of 12): Almost home for Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly; the site is Toronto, and Kelly co-writes. Short preview here.

Black Summer #6 (of 7): Elsewhere in the penultimate, superhero explosions belch chrome and muscle.

The Legion of Super-Heroes #41: Shooters, all.

Kabuki: Reflections #10: Process.

The Immortal Iron Fist #14: Fighting tournament storyline - over. Dare you look?

The Order #10: Entire series - over. Avert your eyes!

Thor: Ages of Thunder #1: Matt Fraction - over two books out in this week alone, including the first in a new suite of extra-sized, $3.99 pamphlets dedicated to the title character's background in godliness. Art by Patrick Zircher of the recent Terror, Inc.

Marvel Comics Presents #8: Noteworthy for the start of a new five-part Machine Man serial from writer Ivan Brandon and artist Niko Henrichon (of Pride of Baghdad). Many bits here.

Elephantmen: War Toys #3 (of 3): The conclusion of large animals firing guns in black & white - all things must pass. Image also has Youngblood #3 this week.

glamourpuss #1: Being Dave Sim's new pamphlet project. I think it's some sort of comics-format essay about photorealistic newspaper strip art, accomplished through renderings of fashion magazine spreads? And there's a 'plot' too? Er, I'll get back to you once I've read it.

DC Universe: Zero: You'd better not buy a cup of that coffee in the machine downstairs -- you know, the machine that didn't even have cups loaded for two weeks so that whenever you'd press the button your drink would just spray all over -- or else you'll miss this $0.50 harbinger of the subsequent DCU. Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns write, J.G. Jones and George Pérez and a whole bunch of other people illustrate. Pray it's a spray of good.