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Comic Foundry #2


All Star Superman #10

the latter of which was posted at The Savage Critics.

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Omega: The Unknown #7 (of 10): With special guest artist, your friend and mine, Gary Panter, creator of Jimbo: Adventures in Paradise, maybe my all-time favorite comic, maybe. He brings us the origin of him of the Unknown. Panter preview pages present pursuant. And Christ, there's gonna be too many tribute pages in this series.

Comic Foundry #2: New edition of the comics magazine, now refurbished and in color. Review here.

Tonoharu Part 1 (of 4): A Xeric-powered, 128-page hardcover start-of-a-series by Lars Martinson, about the experiences of a young Western man teaching English in rural Japan. It's $19.95; preview here. Review coming soon, god willing.

Many Happy Returns: Your oddball release of the week - a 32-page, $3.99 pamphlet-format project, underwritten by Alberta's Happy Harbor Comics and published by About Comics, dedicated to presenting new stories for some older series. That means a new Journey eight-pager from William Messner-Loebs, new Crossfire from Mark Evanier & Dan Spiegle, and more of Nat Gertler's Licensable BearTM. Probably worth a flip.

Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah: Man, Jenny Finn. If ever there was an ill-fated (if ultimately completed) Mike Mignola project it'd be this one, having known three publishers, two artists and (now) three formats over the nine years it's been around. And it's only 128 pages long! This is the first ever fully-collected edition of the stuff, from Boom! Studios, tracking the paths of whores, laborers, rippers, steampunk politicians and rampant, curling flesh mutation in a fantasy Olde England. Co-written by Mignola and Troy Nixey, the latter of which also draws just under 3/4 of the material, at which point Farel Dalrymple takes over to some loss in momentum. Still worth a peek for interested parties with $14.99 to spare. Big preview here. Just for laffs, I'll also show you my reviews of the prior incarnation. Issue #3 of Abe Sapien: The Drowning is also out.

Holmes: And since we've already gone back in time, here's a new AiT-Planet Lar collection of Omaha Perez's saga of two famed men solving a crime whilst out of their minds on shit. Preview.

Little Things: A Memoir in Slices: Diamond thought they'd be cool and different by hiding this new 352-page Jeffrey Brown release -- a collection of new autobiographical anecdotes -- down in the merchandise section with the Flash symbol red hoodies and something called a Batman Giant Buddy, but you can never hide things from me, Diamond. Never. From Touchstone/Simon & Shuster; $14.00.

American Splendor Season Two #1 (of 4): But why let the young have all the attention? Being the latest of Harvey Pekar's exploits, in the Vertigo pamphlet format, with art from the likes of Chris Weston, David Lapham, Dean Haspiel, Hilary Barta, Ed Piskor and more.

Dragon Head Vol. 10 (of 10): Just the hundredth manga series I didn't manage to quite keep up on, but here's the finale to Minetaro Mochizuki's popular survival horror tale. Er, 'popular' in internet terms; I don't know what that really means. God, did you see the (finally!) more-or-less official word that Carl Horn just put out about Satsuma Gishiden getting canned? Two volumes from the end - ARG. Don't know if that one was even an internet hit, though...

Countdown Special: Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth: I like these 80-page grab-bag pamphlets; this one presents a trio of works by the King (#1, #10 and #29), for $4.99.

Casanova #13: Continues!

Jack Staff #15: Coming out!

Infinity Inc. #8: New artist Pete Woods!

Punisher War Journal #18: Jigsaw! (the prelude)

Secret Invasion #1 (of 8): Batman is a Skrull.

Anna Mercury #1 (of 5): This is the latest Warren Ellis project at Avatar, an adventure story about a mystery woman out to save a technocratic city from itself. With artist Facundo Percio; here is one page, and other images are here.

Neopiko-2: I have no idea what the fuck this stuff is, but Diamond is releasing something like 100 varieties of it this week at $14.95 a shot, so it'll probably heal stuff if you put it in your mouth.