Let's wish this weekend away, huh?

*I had the holiday off, and spent most of it driving down a long road with the blazing sun in my eyes while tilted forward from migraine-induced nausea - I only wish I'd done something fun to justify the symptoms, but no. All that following an unusually go-go-go weekend; all I posted review-wise this whole week was a TCJ piece on the prose biography Wally's World. On the plus side, at least I have a bunch of things half-written and ready to go for the next week...

*So let's get to looking at that.


The Comic Eye: This is a 160-page anthology of comics about comics (or comics creators, or comics readers), $12.95 from Blind Bat Press. I don't know much else about it, but there's a Dave Sim cover, and I'll probably flip through any comic with Dave Collier, Bernie Mireault, Michael T. Gilbert, Fred Hembeck and Rick Geary in it. Details here.

Michael Allred's Madman Vol. 3: This is the last of Image's softcover collections of Allred's spandex back catalog, focusing mainly on the back half of the 1994-2000 Dark Horse Madman Comics run, a good chunk of which actually concerned itself with revamping and filling out a story Allred had begun in his 1990-91 Grafik Muzik series at Caliber, material which also formed the basis of the 2000 Christopher Coppola film G-Men from Hell, stripped of Madman entirely.

The Complete Nemesis the Warlock Vol. 3 (of 3): Rounding up Books 8-10 of the Pat Mills/Kevin O'Neill creation, with O'Neill himself returning to do the honors for the final episode. Also featuring David Roach, John Hickleton, Henry Flint, Chris Weston and others. It will run you $29.99 in US Earth monies.

The Complete Terry and the Pirates Vol. 2 (of 6): Rounding up 1937-38 installments of the Milton Caniff creation, in deluxe hardcover style. It will run you $49.99 in Jupiter passion notes.

Tales of the New Gods: The Countdown to Final Crisis reprint train keeps on steaming, this time with a 168-page, $19.99 collection of stories culled from Mark Evanier's & Steve Rude's 1987 Mister Miracle Special, John Byrne's 1997-98 Jack Kirby's Fourth World project and Walt Simonson's 2000-02 Orion ongoing, brimming with guest art by Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, Art Adams, Erik Larsen and many more. The 'grabber,' though, is doubtlessly a previously unpublished Mark Millar/Steve Ditko (!!!) collaboration (with Mick Gray), first commissioned for the back of the Simonson series. Hey, is Eddie Campbell's story in here?

Speak of the Devil #4 (of 6): I really loved the final page of issue #3. Then I looked at Dark Horse's solicitation for this one, and it kind of ruined the effect. If you're in the same boat, you might as well look to the preview for a point-by-point resolution to the cliffhanger - I'm sure Gilbert Hernandez has more in store for later.

Jack Staff Special #1: Also from Image this week is a one-off issue for Paul Grist's admired, intermittent superhero series, positioned to attract new readers for a monthly push; issue #14 of the regular series is due next month, with several subsequent issues supposedly already complete.

Superman Confidential #11: And in other superhero scheduling news, this is the final part of that Darwyn Cooke/Tim Sale story, last seen in issue #5. UPDATE YOUR LOGS.

The Punisher MAX #54: Concluding the next-to-last storyline of writer Garth Ennis' character-defining run, with latecoming fixed series artist Goran Parlov (and it'll be interesting to see what he does after the end of the Ennis run; I'll certainly be looking for it). Ennis also has Dan Dare #3 (of 7) out this week from Virgin.

The Order #7: Your Fraction for this week.

Army@Love #11: Your Veitch for this week.

Legion of Super-Heroes #38: Your Shooter for this week.

Astonishing X-Men #24: I stopped reading this after its (terrible) second storyline ended in September of 2005, and I'm kind of amazed (astonished, even!) that this is only the twelfth issue to appear since. Still, it's worth noting that this is the final Joss Whedon/John Cassaday issue, so anyone waiting for the inevitable hardcover collection won't have long to go now. EDIT: Well, I had no idea that this actually wasn't the last issue, only the last regular issue; this final Whedon/Cassaday chapter of the ongoing will actually end in a cliffhanger, to be resolved in the one-shot Giant-Sized Astonishing X-Men #1 sometime down the pike. Thanks to Jonathan L. Switzer for the correction. Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi will be taking over the title (or some variation thereof) next.