Yesterday's post... NOW!

*I went to get some fast food yesterday; one of the managers told me I look like Harry Potter. That's not the first time that happened, nor the first time I've even mentioned it happening on this site. I'm just posting it as a helpful reminder for whenever you read anything I write - I LOOK EXACTLY LIKE HARRY POTTER. I don't try; I guess I just do.

And I don't mean Daniel Radcliff either. I'm talking Harry Potter, right off the front of the books. Never forget.

*Golgolicious Dept: I enjoyed this recent essay by XyphaP on Golgo 13; it's nominally a review of the first volume of the current (soon ending) VIZ run, but it goes to some interesting places with creation of the work. And in other Duke Togo news, Daryl Surat (of Anime World Order) advises that the next issue (#5) of Otaku USA will contain a feature article (written by him) on our favorite ellipses enthusiast; I think it's due in February.

*Oh, I saw Cloverfield, the new giant monster movie, recast as survival horror through the use of ground-level hand-held cameras. Several visual cites to 9/11, since a video society can 'cite' its national calamities without much aesthetic distance. Very slight; it sort of suggests deeper themes, only to do nothing beyond tossing itself toward the power of love and the human toll of disasters and whatnot. The characters weren't particularly well-developed enough for that to work; the CGI-augmented 'reality' wasn't forceful enough to quite land the terror of the situation. As a result, I got kinda antsy around the eightieth scene of people running in a blur while screaming other characters' names; could have been more. Decent monster design, though.