I think I edited a Doctor Grordbort back at the law review...

*His citations expanded my mind.


Nog a Dod (containing many unknown works from Canada)

King City Vol. 1 (Brandon Graham continues)


Teen Titans: The Lost Annual (Bob Haney from out of the drawer)

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*Very diverse time at the shops -


MOME Vol. 10 (Winter/Spring 2008): The newest edition of Fantagraphics' house anthology; nice Dash Shaw story, and a fine Tom Kaczynski interview. I reviewed it here, and Alan David Doane took a more recent look. And why not a big preview?

Insomnia #3 (of 3): Ah, poor poor Ignatz books; no more do you travel in threes, like deluxe pamphlet deaths. It's the end of the road for this Matt Broersma trilogy of interlocking noir stories, this one tracking an LA television producer's plunge into the desert in search of a missing woman. Here's some art, although I don't think it's from this new issue. Hey, did you know that Isomnia is a sequel of sorts to Broersma's 2002 book Hawaii, which has been released online for free? Give it a peek.

The Last Musketeer: I didn't know Jason (he of the recent I Killed Adolph Hitler) was going to have a new one out so soon, but I guess there's no rest for the wicked. It's another full-color, 48-page Fantagraphics softcover, priced at $12.95, this time concerning the adventures of the famed musketeer Athos, improbably still alive (and a destitute bum) in the 21st century, as he stands firm against a Martian invasion of the Earth, and journeys beyond the stars. Here's a full 1/6 of the book, and the cover is pretty awesome too.

Doom Patrol Vol. 6: Planet Love: I don't know why they didn't subtitle this thing Doom Force and Other Stuff, since that's what's in our hearts. Your $19.99 will net you the remainder of writer Grant Morrison's classic run on the title, unless you're counting that thing he did with Frank Quitely years later.

Doctor Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory: This had better be porn.

Gyo Vol. 2 (of 2): Now available in the right-to-left $9.99 digest format. The first volume of Gyo remains my favorite Junji Ito comic, a perfect blend of campy sci-fi/horror ideas with noxious visual energy and just-this-side-of-serious pursuit suspense. I wanted the second half to be the greatest 'walking rotton fish' comic in all of history, but it wound up getting a little too silly (even for me!), meandering away from its catchy ideas for trips to an evil circus and the like. I hope this edition retains the bonus stories from the original, though; some fun stuff in there.

The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation: Now come on. How's the whole Book of Deuteronomy going to fit into only 224 pages, what with that decompressed manga storytelling I've read so much about in the news? I want every line of Deuteronomy in there, with nosebleeds and sweatdrops. Every one.

Bone Color Edition Vol. 7 (of 9): Ghost Circles: If memory serves, this is the one where Jeff Smith's project launches itself firmly into epic quest fantasy mode; $9.99 will buy you many hues. Meanwhile, in other funnies-4-kids news, the Lerner Publishing Group is dumping onto Diamond-stocked shelves no less than 11 entries in its Graphic Universe line of 48-page comic albums based on world myths and legends, with artists like Tim Seeley and Thomas Yeates involved.

Fell #9: Hey, this is back. Featuring hostage negotiation; still $1.99. Warren Ellis, Ben Templesmith. Elsewhere, Marvel puts Ellis' name in the title of Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis Vol. 1: Faith in Monsters.

The Immortal Iron Fist #12: It doesn't feel that long ago the last issue of this was out. Huh. As Marvel's solicitation remarks, "The kicking intensifies. The mysteries intensify."

Countdown Special: The New Gods: Yes, the title may aim to invoke the characters' current big-time Event tie-in, but this 80-page number is really a $4.99 sampler for those Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus hardcovers, collecting one issue each of Mister Miracle (#1), The Forever People (#1) and The New Gods (#7). Just think of all the money you can spend if you like them!

Groo: Hell on Earth #3 (of 4): Continuing the environmental cataclysm.

The Programme #7 (of 12): Continuing the nuclear cataclysm. There's a preview?

The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #5 (of 6): Continuing the musical cataclysm. There's a preview!

Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons #2 (of 3): Continuing the cataclysm of the title. Hell, have a preview of that too.

Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus: Your oddity of the week - a 488-page, full-color memorial headstone for Dark Horse's early '90s experiment in fostering a work-for-hire superhero shared universe. Everybody had one back then; they were like slap braclets. Relive the magic of the original Comics' Greatest World and Will to Power maxiseries (both of which actually predated the 'Dark Horse Heroes' banner, but let's not get picky), while keeping your eyes peeled for the likes of Paul Chadwick popping up to lend a helping hand. Only $24.95, and Barb Wire lives again. Our eyes are witness to miracles so legion as to bear the whole novelty of sidewalk cracks.