The Holidays Are a Great Time

*For destroying yourself! I ought to balk at all the stuff that's got to get done today; I might even get to finally buy some comics from this week! Maybe a post at the other site later, maybe a new column this weekend... I should have known that reading through David Mack's entire body of work would slow me down a bit...

*As has been stated before, the new Fantagraphics book trade catalog has a lot of interesting stuff lined up through Summer 2008. A sequel to Tony Millionaire's Billy Hazelnuts, new books by Josh Simmons (of House) and Dash Shaw, a Bob Levin book on Dwaine Tinsley of Chester the Molester infamy, a seventh Love and Rockets softcover collecting various odds 'n ends -- including Mario! -- and so much more. But most of all, there's three words that America has been longing to hear:

Rory. Hayes. Collection.

Due in June.