Two Clicks

*Good Link Dept (#1): Yes, the Best of 2006 lists are still rolling along (I think Chris Butcher's is still forthcoming, even). You've all seen Tom Spurgeon's, which is good and detailed as expected, but I also really enjoyed this two parter from Justin J. Fox, starting off with quick thoughts on 40 great things, then offering longer reflections on a top 20. There's so much stuff on these lists I haven't read, it's kind of painful...

*Good Link Dept (#2): Every man, woman and child alive should click over to this Kazuo Umezu post at Same Hat! Maybe I’m just weird because I photograph terribly, but if I ever had a shot taken as awesome as Sinister Youth Umezu -- let alone Beguiling Goth Umezu -- you could put good money on what would be pasted on the back of every book I ever released. Needless to say, I have no problem believing this is the fellow who brought us The Drifting Classroom.