*Oh, it’s Ludacris. Introducing the Hustle & Flow number.

*FLASHING LIGHTS LIKE AN 8TH GRADE DANCE!!! A bleep in the first few lines. This is all that will show up from this year on future highlight reels. At least nobody is catching fire. I think the deck was officially stacked after that one. Big drum roll... this is like a James Bond theme! God, Ingwit - you were right! They’re listening to all of us on this site! Everyone, watch your words.

*And they win the award. Well, I did like it the best of the three, so good. Jon is totally getting better as the night goes on. Oh, even the skits are better - super, super nerdy Sound Editing humor, but it’s good.

*WOAH, nearly had a second highlight for the evening there. Watch your feet. Sound Editing. I’m thinking: three-time Oscar-winning film, Memoirs of a Geisha. No. More King Kong. I don’t think there’s been a single soul chased from the stage yet. Your jokes are now hollow, Tom Hanks.


*Oh, George Clooney again. He almost didn’t laugh introducing the Popularity Contest of the Dead (are they still walking around out front?). Shelley Winters and Anne Bancroft tie for the win.

*Also out for Keaton fans, there’s this Tuesday’s release of The Buster Keaton Collection, which is not like those other packages titled the same thing, and also has a lovely picture on the cover of Buster hanging upside-down. It’s not young Buster in the films, though - it’s actually a comprehensive compilation of his ten sound shorts made at Columbia, with the folks who brought you a lot of Three Stooges pictures. This was done at (another) low point in the man’s career, and while the style of filmmaking on display is arguable more applicable to Keaton than, say, an MGM screwball formula, all slapstick is not made equal. This stuff is loud and furious, fast while Keaton’s classic style would utilize build and careful climax. I’ve not seen any of these. Still, it very well might be instructive and educational, and like I said before, there’s always good bits.

*So, best Foreign Language Film. I totally didn’t notice that John Canemaker was part of the Best Animated Short Film. Read his book on Winsor McCay; it’s great. Tsotsi wins - it’s not Paradise Now, which is the only one of these I’ve heard of. Good speech though - foreign language films are not the Other. Yes.

*Oh god Jon, taking Martin Scorsese shots. Like shots of vodka to me. Intoxicating.

*Editing presentation = graphics of strips of celluloid. The iconography is overwhelming and almost spiritual. Everyone goes wild for Crash, because it’s going to win Best Picture. Actually, it might have just won because there were lots of characters to cut between, and those films often win editing awards. No, I’ve read this in places. Editing is pretty much the most important thing in filmmaking, by the way.

*Best Bloody Actor. Hoffman. The entire crowd’s heads explode with surprise. Gore is dripping onto the seats. It’s a butcher’s shop in there. God, the smell must be the worst part. Another level of Hell. Um, he’s really quite brow-mopping nervous. Thanking Mom is the new thanking God. There’s no politics in your mom.