Oh! Oh those rarebits! Ah!

*I dreamed I was in a movie theater in Tel Aviv last night. I don’t know how I knew where the theater was; I just knew. It was totally black, save for the screen, which was under-lit and difficult to see. Trailers for some really bad looking movies were playing, real Charles Band stuff, Christopher Lambert playing a science fiction sorcerer and science heroes jumping out of buildings.

I was so tired. I could hardly move. That’s a recurring feature of my dreams and nightmares: forced slow-motion, an inability to run, being held back.

Suddenly, a gun went off. One shot. Everybody got up but it was too dark to see so they pulled out their cigarette lighters and used those to illuminate the room. A hundred flickers of flame with a voice to match each one, all screaming around the atmosphere, and the smell of gunpowder, and I knew someone had died.

I couldn’t move.

I was so so scared.


*I also can’t move anything from my bank account, btw. I’m supposed to get paid tomorrow; I really hope that happens, because otherwise it’s going to be a very sad time…


…paradoxically heightened by the fact that there’s really not a lot coming out to purchase anyway. Huh!

The Surrogates #1 (of 5): In which Top Shelf opts to release a good ol’ fashioned color action pamphlet-format miniseries. Their catalog solicitation crows that it’s their first foray into ‘mainstream’ comics. First-time writer and Top Shelf staffer Robert Vendetti originally intended to shop the book around to other publishers, but Top Shelf decided to keep it in-house. Artist Brett Weldele is a veteran of a good number of projects from several back-of-Previews mainstays, like the Brian Wood written Couscous Express for AiT/PlanetLar and the Antony Johnston scripted Julius from Oni. Plus: pinups! Just like a real live chest-thumping action pamphelt-format miniseries. It’s only $2.95 for full-color too, and I bet there’s next to no ads, save for the world-building fake ones. Not to mention the text pieces. The plot is something about futuristic cops fighting techno-terrorism in a ‘perfect future,’ but I heard it’s pretty good. I’ll probably check it out.

Albion #1 (of 6): Completely forgotten in the uproar following Alan Moore’s latest high-pitch confrontation with DC is this ongoing project, a possible series of miniseries reviving a slew of old IPC/Fleetway superheroes. Have a sneak peek. Moore only provides the plots, just as Watchmen co-conspirator Dave Gibbons tackles only the covers. The meat of the project is handled by writers Leah Moore and John Reppion (of the earlier Wild Girl, which at least started strong) and artist Shane Oakley, who apparently got the whole thing off the ground when a planned collaboration with the senior Moore on Tomorrow Stories fell through. I learned that latter bit on Leah ‘n John’s blog. Everyone has a blog, you know.

Planetary #23: Make your friends a holiday weekend present of Planetary now, and cause them to think of you every time the leaves change color. When the flavor of the air sweetens, when the children return to school, when the scrapes of shovels cease, so changes the number of Planetary. This edition, regarding the origins of that ontological timbre-savant rapscallion The Drummer, is guaranteed to prove an endless fund of amusement, scheduled to suit the appetites of both young and old - it’s the cheer-up book for this season’s hottest weeks. Planetary concedes inferiority only to the lingering sparkle of an eroding afternoon daydream. Do kindly surrender your $2.99, and do always keep in touch. (apologies to F. C. Ware)

Seven Soldiers - Shining Knight #3 (of 4): And with this, we’ll have officially hit the 1/3 mark for the project. Without a late book, might I add! Did I just jinx everything? Oh well!

City of Tomorrow #3 (of 6): Ha ha ha, the robots are gangsters.