Steaming inky evening...

*Working on stuff for tomorrow; should be neat.

*Haw haw haw! Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air asks the question of the year to Dan Clowes, in regards to the new Ice Haven:

Now there’s actually a character in your comic… he’s a very pretentious comic book critic named Harry Naybors. Are there actually comic book critics?


Clowes’ answer is really great, though, even alluding to the hints of self-aggrandizement surrounding the Naybors character, and later noting the fact that apparently no stranger he’s ever met in public has ever heard of Ghost World (movie or comic), allegedly his most widely popular work. It’s a good interview all around. (Never leave me, Comics Journal board, I get it all from you…)

Also worth noting: Gross introduces the Ghost World movie as “Starring Scarlett Johansson and Thora Birch.” Oh, I don’t think that was the order of credit at the time of the film’s release. Man, Thora Birch faded out really quick, didn’t she? Sort of like the acclaim for American Beauty