Early evening of quivering empty.

*Very interesting. If you’re registered at the New York Times (and if not, registration is free) you can read a spoiler-laden story on the V For Vendetta shoot (I’m gonna drop some spoilers now too, so watch out). Some will find it reassuring that director James McTeigue seems to recognize that moral ambiguity is a vital part of the story, and it’s nice to know that he seems ready to allow the audience to decide whether the hero’s actions are ‘right.’ Plus, there seems to be a somewhat decent grasp on V’s character at work. On the other hand Natalie Portman seems to think that the ending is ‘hopeful,’ which wasn’t the feeling I got from the story, and talk of a big climax with the people rising to overthrow their oppressors doesn’t sound nearly as interesting as the uncertain anarchy of comparable scenes in the book (indeed, seeing the people ‘wake up’ and follow V strikes me as a means of softening his character, making him more explicitly a ‘hero’ in the audience’s eyes). Still trying to decide if I want to see this; actually, I’m still trying to decide if I want to see Batman Begins.

The idea of copies of the book being forced into the hands of countless prominent officials, though? That tickles me.

(Found courtesy of John G, in a comments thread at Dorian’s)

*Working on a big Vimanarama thing, which will show up somewhere, at some point next week or so (punctuality: it's what we're all about here). For all of you who read the last issue, and if the sales trends are still going they way they’ve been going, there’s not many of you, what did you think of the pacing? I decided to read the entire series over from the start (it’s a quick read), and I thought that it worked pretty well as a whole unit. However, the final issue (when itself is viewed as a single unit) effectively reminds us that the project was intended as an original graphic novel, not as a miniseries; it’s not paced for three separate books at all. And while the balance between the action in issue #2 and the mystic introspection of issue #3 works quite nicely when read as a whole, I’d suspect that reading issue #3 alone after a two month plus wait would give the reader a feeling of anticlimax, of deflation. What do you think?

I liked the bits at the very end with the clothing. For the whole book Morrison and Bond have been depicting a generational/cultural through the characters’ mode of dress, and then the finale sort of resolves this in a fascinating way, with a totally alternate, pulp style joining everyone together, with a few differences preserved. I think reading the book as a whole makes its themes a lot clearer too: it’s not just the racial and religious and generational concerns that exist in the background, but ultimately the superhero-style immortal clashing too! And in the end, it’s all up to humanity and their petty romantic concerns to preserve the future...

Much more later.