Oh that daily news.

*HAW HAW, as the comics artists say. I woke up this morning and went to meet with some people and what was the first thing they told me?

"You know that bar we were at last night? Where you told me how everyone there looked seventeen?"


"Busted. There was a raid about fifteen minutes after we left."

Now that’s something. When I think of a ‘raid’ by Liquor Control or whatever organization it is I imagine ten to twelve heavily armored shock troopers in helmets and attractively-designed flack jackets crashing though doors, windows, setting charges to blow open the walls, all those deer heads (their eyes suddenly so concerned!) tumbling down to the good earth in which their bodies lay, red targeting dots from automatic weapons everywhere, their thin and intermittently broken trails visible through the tear gas, yells, shouts, etc. Actually I think it was a pair of middle-aged men in plain clothes standing up and yelping "OK, time to see some ID folks," with a few more blocking the exits. Bags of silver, neatly divided into thirty piece divisions, ready for handout like Halloween candy for the more cooperative souls. Many a trusted Friends Forever union smashed by some quick talking. Standard issue.

Oh hell. I shouldn’t be smirking at this. People lost their jobs last night, I’m sure. Kids dragged out by their friends only to be put in ridiculous positions they never desired while I stumbled home and tipsily cracked poo and wank jokes on my Internet page. Another unlimited victory!

*As you know, Tom Spurgeon has released a lovely Top 40 comics of 2004 type of list (I first heard of it from Alan); as you can imagine, I agree with quite a lot of it. I was particularly delighted by his inclusion of The Perry Bible Fellowship, which readers of this site have known about since October. It’s such a fine strip, and I don’t want anyone to miss out, provided that you won’t be dismayed by appalling humor.

*I'll be back to reviews and comments tomorrow afternoon at some time; I've been working on a lot of stuff lately, but some of it might prove interesting in the near future. Keep warm.