Roller Coaster... OF HOLIDAY!!

*I'm not entirely sure how many people are even going to be reading internet comics sites this weekend, considering the numbers that'll (by simple average) by going through their Christmas things, so I'm not going to post very heavily. I've done a surprising amount of planning ahead this year - I've already cooked up my Top 10 thingy, which (as always) won't actually get posted until December 31, since I always want to leave room for me to, say, obtain and read Ode to Kirihito in the span of a few days and see what I think of it.

Anyway, last night's adventure was simply driving home at night for two and a half hours through the high winds, heavy traffic, swirling fog (some of it dense enough to warrant the entire highway's putting on their flashers), and pounding, whipping rain. "Well, I could have been hit with a blizzard," I tried to rationalize as another gust hit my vehicle, causing it to swerve in the water toward the shoulder. I bet the car behind me liked that one. But still, it's better than a lot of snow. Having gambled with my health, I then went with a bunch of friends to the local casino (only two in the commonwealth, and one's a ten-minute drive from my parents' house) and promptly lost twelve dollars. I'd have been better off at the horse track...