This post is me showing up at your house with a single can of cranberry sauce, especially if you don’t observe Thanksgiving.

*This here post is a wee little bit late, attributable to the fact that I just now obtained Internet access at my parents' house. Yay! With luck (and time), tomorrow's post will have more extensive content, and possibly be up at a real world time somewhat closer to what the time stamp on the post says.

*I should, however, make a quick recommendation for Todd Hignite's In the Studio: Visits with Contemporary Cartoonists, from Yale University Press. For some odd reason, I'd convinced myself that there was going to be tit-for-tat interview material in the book, but it's actually a bit more airy and elegant: nine popular cartoonists are showcased, offering comments (even miniature essays at times) on their influences and procedures, all of the commentary accompanied by extensive illustrations of pertinent works and materials of inspiration.

Different talents approach it different ways - Dan Clowes devotes his space almost entirely to weird and interesting materials he's collected over the years, while other artists have a bit more of their own stuff displayed. Hignite (who's also the founding editor of Comic Art, where some of this material first appeared), pops up every so often for introductions and analysis, some of it extremely dense with information. It's a great mix of the personal and educational, and a fine source of access to these creators. Chris Mautner has a review up, with some stuff on other publications-on-comics. You should check it out.