A light, gentle week.

*Thank heavens.


Project: Romantic (new AdHouse anthology, on lovin')

review nuggets #1 (featuring Eternals #5, Wisdom #1, Batman #658 and 52 #27)

Peepshow #14

review nuggets #2 (Featuring Jonah Hex #13 and American Splendor #3)

*So let's get to it. Let me know if I didn't mention anything, or what you're interested in. This all looks kind of skimpy...


Train Man: A Shojo Manga Vol. 1 (of 1): For those keeping track at home, this is Del Ray’s piece of the Densha Otoko pie. You see, Densha Otoko is this gargantuan megahit cultural phenomenon multimedia thingy in Japan, based on the allegedly true story of a hopeless nerd who one day summoned his inner might to stop a drunkard from bugging women on a train, then turned to the internet for advice on what to do when one of the helpless flowers sent him a gift to express her undying gratitude. This heartwarming reaffirmation of traditional gender roles led to a bunch of dates no doubt chock-full of ‘what a nerd!’ humor and heart-tugging sentiment that I guess the internet got hooked on or something, and then relevant posts got compiled into a book, and later got adapted into a movie and a television series and no less than four separate manga, this one being the version for young girls. The first chapter is online. With all candor, I can’t imagine much of anything I’d like to experience less than Densha fucking Otoko, going on the synopsis, which does sap my interest in comparing all the various manga versions that are coming over (VIZ and CMX also have their own editions). Although once my blog posts are adapted to interpretative dance, you’ll all buy a ticket, right?

Southland Tales Book 2: Fingerprints: Hey! This thing. I think the movie is due for a US release in April of 2007.

Luba: Three Daughters: The third and apparently final post-Palomar collection of Luba stories from writer/artist Gilbert Hernandez. If you didn’t get the pamphlets, you can now get this.

Fury: Peacemaker: A collection of the recent Garth Ennis-written miniseries, which I read as pamphlets. It's actually a little better than it might initially seem to be, with a fine, energetic first chapter and some interesting plays on Ennis' usual Men of Honor in War themes. But in the end, it's just another Garth Ennis war comic, this time with corporate-owned characters and little to bump it up to the level of the better War Stories entries. But if you're itching for Fury to tackle Nazis and team up with weathered, honorable comrades, it's well executed enough.

Astro City: The Dark Age: Book 2 (of 4) #1 (of 4): I think that’s the correct issue makeup for what’s going to be dominating Astro City for the near future. I kind of skipped out on the first Dark Age storyline, but I’ll catch up eventually.

52 #28 (of 52): In which Red Tornado does something. Also, Dale Eaglesham does the origin of Catman, unless somebody else does something, which I guess they might.

Civil War #5 (of 7): It’s going to be a good week for Civil War! I can feel it! I mean, the last issue of Daredevil: Father is also coming out this week, so that’ll divert all the ‘extremely late’ talk to something else. Way to take that bullet for the team, Joe Q! Ha ha, no, I’m just kidding: everyone would still talk about the new Civil War for the next month if the pages all came out blank.

Blade #3: How do you when self-contained issues of comics are on the low ebb? When the solicitation for a new issue of a series devoted entirely to self-contained issues feels the need to point out that this issue, in particular, is self-contained. Maybe we’re just being toyed with in anticipation of issue #5’s Casualties of War tie-in?

Sock Monkey: The “Inches” Incident #2 (of 4):Run! It is a cataclysm!

Absolute DC: The New Frontier: In which the crimson gristle of living meat is frayed once again under the metal scream of the chainsaw; Leatherface and family return… oh wait, no. Mixed it up with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre #1. This is some $75 Darwyn Cooke thing. Sorry.