Santa had better not wake me up too early tomorrow morning with his cookie munching chimney jive.

*It's funny; on Christmas Day itself I'll actually have time to post stuff since all I'll be doing is sitting at home all day. Today, however, I'll be in the car with my family, touring relatives' homes and churches, some of which we'll just be passing by as we wave our handkerchiefs and beam. I should look into getting a sack of penny candy to throw out the window (a bit at a time, not the whole sack; I may hurt a passing child on a bike) so it'll be like a real one car holiday parade. So have a happy Christmas Eve if that's your thing, or just have a happy day in general.

(And in case you missed it, seeing as how I just squeaked out yesterday's post before the stroke of midnight, there's some reviews and comics foofery just a bit below this...)