Ho Ho!

Nothing like working for 45 minutes on a post and then deleting it in disgust because it's utterly stupid. And now I have no time to write anything useful for pretty much the rest of the day, so I'll just mutter some things about "Shaolin Cowboy": this sort of book can work for me, although it's not the kind of book I'm inclined towards. I guess it's the clarity behind it, the sense of knowing what makes for decadent action storytelling in comics. I don't get a lot of that sense from some action books, which I find to be sometimes unclear, uncertain of how they can use visual techniques beyond pure flash. There's lots of pure flash in this book too, but it doesn't distract me, it makes me want to climb in the book itself; it's absorbing flash, not repelling. Yeah, totally totally subjective. It might not even work on an issue-by-issue basis for me, but it did work for this issue, and we've only got issue to go by when we're not waiting for trades. Although I do that too sometimes.

Yeep. Really out of time...