S! U! C! C! E! S! S! - That! Is! How! We! Spell! Suc! Cess!

*Finally got my hands on that new “Comics Journal” (at about the sixth store I checked total), and boy it’s a beaut! I’m so glad that Eddie Campbell appears to be a regular contributor now, as he’s really an excellent critic and an insightful writer. And don’t miss those contributions from several of your favorite bloggers and Internet columnists! Also featuring 32 pages of vintage color Harold Gray comics; that’s like a whole deluxe no-ads comic book right there, and you also get over 150 additional pages of awesome shit, like Tom Spurgeon‘s final “Minimalism“ column, devoted to his personal picks for immediate minicomics purchase. I will personally vouch for the high quality of Dan Zettwoch’s “Ironclad” (review of this and other minis here), John Kerschbaum’s “Timberdoodle”, and the legendary Jack T. Chick’s "All Tract Assortment". Also, I really can’t imagine Kevin Huizenga’s “Supermonster” #14 not being at least good, Johnny Ryan’s “Shouldn’t You Be Working” is a nice little distraction for established fans, and I’m awaiting a copy of Ben Jones’ “Horace” as I sit here today. So yeah, good stuff.

*Very curious dream last night. I actually revisited the site of several dreams I now recall having when I was 12 or 13. It evoked memories of a girl I used to fancy for a short while, but I don’t quite remember if she was ever ‘real’ or if she exclusively existed in my dreams at that age. I clearly recall a particular incident of going to meet her at a nearby pool, but for the longest time this morning I simply could not determine if the incident was authentic or a particularly vivid dream from my youth. I’ve since decided that the incident itself must have been a dream because I’ve been going over the landscapes of my childhood home in mind and I simply can’t recall any sort of swimming area that matches the one from the incident. This leads me to guess that the girl herself was only part of the dream (I certainly don’t recall her name), at least to the extent I know her; my subconscious may well have based ‘her’ on someone I caught a passing glimpse of in my waking life. But I still can’t be 100% certain. It’s utterly weird for me to be experiencing nostalgia for earlier dreams within a present dream; I think it was the feeling itself that got me jumbled up, as I don’t often experience such nostalgia about things that aren’t real, so I just assume that anything that evokes those feelings must have been real (and by ‘real’ I only mean ‘experiences within my waking life’). A very odd dream…