I am a forgetful fellow.

*Well, today I spent time picking up books that I'd forgotten about, like the new issues of "Black Widow" and "Ojo". This is the second time I've forgotten to pick up "Ojo", which is odd since I generally like the book, erratic art quality aside; it just never sticks in my mind. Strange that books I'd like seem to get lost in my hasty scannings of the rack, especially when I'm rushed.

Rushed like today, for instance. I already have to run again, but tomorrow will be quieter. The new issue of "Astonishing X-Men" was decent, even a bit better than average for the title. It was good to see Scott trying to do something with his mandate to 'act like superheroes'. And what better way to do it than get into a Silver Age style monster fight, even stepping on other teams' toes in the process (the Fantastic Four, a team perhaps more expected to battle giant beasts). There's also some plot twists, which might prove to be interesting, although the larger alternate world plot still fails to capture my attention. Saving alternate futures is like eating breakfast to the X-Men after all, and this particular bowl of Frosted Flakes isn't that much more interesting than the last. Still, far from a bad book, quite far.

Gar. That's it for now.