Swift Hits!

*Yay! "Kramer's Ergot 5" got here! The cover feels so neat!

*Tom is right to be saddened with the closing of Highwater Books. Their output was small, but the quality was often very high. And since the online store is closing at the end of the year, it seems, I urge you to visit their page and order up some "Shrimpy and Paul and Friends" and "Teratoid Heights" and "Yeast Hoist: Does Music Make You Cry?", three great books that I've found much enjoyment in. Books like "Maggots" and "SMB3" that I've been waiting for may never come out now, and the books that do exist might become very hard to find. You should act now to obtain some great reading, before you are left to the tender mercies of eBay. Farewell, Highwater. You did some good.

*Hmmm. So Kmart has bought Sears... third largest retail store now.

Oh my GOD!

Does that make them... S-MART?!

"Army of Darkness" has fortold the future!

And this means that the S-Mart ending must be the one true ending...